Slow Breakfast.

Juni 1, 2014

Happy Good Morning to everyone!

Did you sleep well? I am definitely not a morning person. At all. Maybe when I was six but as soon as I got close to being a teenager I gradually went to bed later and used to sleep longer. I usually go to bed very late/early (depends on your viewpoint, really) and therefore love to sleep in a lot. Luckily I was able to construct myself a very sleep-friendly schedule here in Japan which means I rarely have lessons before noon.
One thing I love though is slow breakfast. I hate to rush eating because eating food is very precious to me and should be endulged in consciously. When I have the time, meaning I don’t have to work or be at university early, I love to get up, take a slower and prepare breakfast in a relaxed way. Also; the more time I have at hand the more healthy a breafast I can prepare for myself. Since I am not a big fan of cereals (I get cramps/weird feeling in my stomach easily when eating too much milk, although I am not intolerant to lactose) and cereals are really expensive and usually load with looots of sugar here in Japan and since there is no bread (in a German sense) I had to think of other alternatives.
Something I eat a lot since I’ve been in Japan is avocado and tomato on toast. I really wish they had full grain toast/bread here since I usually eat that for breakfast but since it’s unavailable it’s American whitebread for me. Not my usual choice, but you have to work with what you have at hands, right?
For 2 slices of bread I use half of an avocado, sliced cucumber, a sliced whole tomato, salt, pepper and sometimes cheese like camembert (I LOVE cheese just that much. Camembert is the only cheese that almost tastes like real cheese here in Japan… I heard rumors it’s possible to get cheese from the Netherlands somewhere but so far I wasn’t able to find anything decent. I miss cheese always so much here.)
I need something fresh in the morning, which is why I like cucumber and tomato so much due to their very high percentage of water content. (Also, tomato is basically good for everything in your body, I eat tomato everyday, either in the morning like this or in a salad for my lunch.)
People continue to tell me „You eat avocado every second day? Don’t you know how bad that is? avocado is pure fat!“  Well, that’s true. Partially. Avocado is basically a natural butter in form of a berry (yes avocados are berries! Looked that up.) Although it has a very high fat percentage of 25% this is good, natural fat as opposed to chemical, processed fat in butter or other processed foods.They contain high levels of monounsatured fats – these are good fats that are able to lower your cholesterol level. In addition to containing healthful fat, avocados are also high in beta carotene, fiber, folate (a B vitamin), and potassium (ounce for ounce, avocados have 60 percent more potassium than bananas!)

Also, what most people forget, is, that fat is not bad. Our body needs fat and if you have a day of 2000 calories for example, 50 to 70g should be fat in there. The thing is to consume the right fats, fats that do not come from meat, fish, milk or cheese but instead organic fats like in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and for example avocados. I personally feel always very satisfied after such a breakfast and don’t feel the need to snack in between so much. (I am a heavy snacker, it’s a very bad habit.)

Fun fact: I didn’t even touch avocados until I came to Japan the last time and my roommate then was obsessed with avocados, she ate them everyday for breakfast too. She was lucky I wasn’t an avocado fan back then because we couldn’t possibly have bought so many avocados to last both of us a week.

I’m thinking about making a post about healthy breakfast options, anyone interested in that? Oh and if you didn’t already, you really should give avocados a try. They’re awesome 🙂

Have a good day everyone! I’ll spending it indoors (+30°C at the moment in Japan) and dedicate my time to university stuff. 🙂


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