Oldschool Sleepover!

November 23, 2012

Good evening my beloved ones,

How are you doing? FIRST I have to say, thank you for the amazing feedback on my last post! I never got that much comments in such a short time. Plus, I have to say, I’m really lucky to have such vivid readers who always write me topic-related comments full of their own opinions! You guys are awesome! I’ll let you of course know if and when and what Romwe told me after I contacted them.  SECOND I would like to give a whole-heartedly welcome to all my new readers! Quite some new people here the last days, I hope you like it here! 🙂 Quite excited for when we’ll gonna break the 200-mark! Have to think of something special soon…. what would you like to see? A video? A giveaway? A DIY? Something completely different? Tell me, and I’ll see what I can do! 🙂


Last week was the very very first time since I started working again that I had a day off in Sunday!! I didn’t really noticed it beforehand, but I always worked on Sunday the last 3 months straight. With the early shifts I have at the moment, that basically destroyed every possible activity including my friends on Saturday night. So as soon as I saw the Sunday off on my schedule I called my girls to organize a sleepover at my (boyfriend’s) place. 

It wasn’t anything special at all, it’s just that I don’t see my girls as often as I used to and as I would probably wish for so I was super happy and excited for this weekend! My girls did all the organisation and arrived in the evening with already made food, home-made apple pies, soft drinks and some liquors! 😀 We re-built the living room with all the pillows and blankets we could find and watched Disney movies while chatting and drinking the whole time, it was such a fun day! Here’s the food my friends made:
Chicken with orange sauce! Stuffi made this and while she put a lot of effort into this; it unfortunately wasn’t my taste at all 🙁 I only ate a little bit of rice and a little bit of the chicken, trying to avoid the orange. I don’t know, the combination just didn’t work for me and I felt bad since she took time to actually prepare the dish 🙁

Amazing apple pie Winnie made! I didn’t even know she was into making pies 😀 I ate three slices since I barely ate anything from the main dish. The picture I took is Winnie’s slice though because I don’t like whipped cream at all (but it looks nicer for the picture! 😀 )

Watching Disney movies while all wrapped up in our pyjamas :DD I hope my friends aren’t mad for posting this picture ( I think it’s kinda cute 😀 ) From left: My cousin Jacky, Stuffi, Winnie and my humble self. (BTW, while looking at this picture I really feel bad for Aka-chan, which is the plushie in the back with the red head. So sorry you’re upside down honey! Left to it all in yellow is my beloved Pi-chan :D)
It took a bit of time but we decided to watch Pocahontas for an oldie, and UP for a new one plus Stuffi didn’t know UP yet. We also had the option to watch Aladdin, Hercules, Cap + Capper, Snow White, The Beauty and the Beast and some others I don’t remember. It was really fun, I especially enjoyed Pocahontas since I really like this movie. Unfortunately I fell asleep at the end of UP because I was so extremely tired (worked from 5 AM on that same day.)
I decided to attack Winnie but got squeezed between her and the sofa behind me instead. Poor me. Maybe I deserve it for wanting to attack her :’D We went to bed at around 1 AM because we’re old ladies already and get tired easily. I remember how we always used to party until like 3 or 4 AM in the morning but nope, that stopped when we all began to work :’D I like it that way too, though.
When they wake me in the morning at 11AM (I’m always the last one to be waken. I’m super grumpy and I need lots of sleep, gladly they know this.) my friends already prepared breakfast and cleaned the apartment! How awesome! Really glad to have such sweet friends ^__^ When they went home, I noticed I forgot to get myself anything to eat for Sunday. All shop’s closed on Sunday in Germany. Well, I got creative and managed to get myself this:
I call it „fried noodles inspired by taco rice“ LOL. Just made some fried noodles with soy sauce and sesame oil, prepared a taco sauce and threw some garlic, ham (luckily my friends left me for breakfast) and tomatoes in and threw just some cheese over it. It may look like a disaster but it tasted quite good! :’D Usually my boyfriend gets food for Sunday since I’m always working but I forgot that I’m on my own now LOL. Learned my lesson, supermarket we’ll meet next Saturday! I could’ve invited myself for dinner at my mom’s place but nope, Sam is a survivor and can survive on her own! Pretty evident, isn’t it?
I hope you don’t mind the personal post today, not too much time for outfit or make-up posts at the moment but I’ll stick to it soon! Hope you all have a fab week! 🙂
Much love & Read you soon!
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