• Yule Extravaganza: Moi’s Merry Skincare Gift Selections

    Dezember 11, 2014

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful December. I am Moi Sanom from The 35th of May.Sam and I decided to write Christmas guides a little while back.I am doing the skin care heavy post and Sam’s present ideas was mostly based on make-up. I am excited to present to you some…

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  • [Happy St. Nikolaus Day!] Asian Beauty Christmas Present Ideas

    Dezember 6, 2014

    Happy St. Nikolaus Day everyone! Today is the 6th of December which means it’s St Nikolaus Day – I think that’s probably only a thing in Europe, my American friends knew about it but said it’s nothing special in the US. Since there won’t be anyone here filling my shoe with treats I made a…

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    Februar 22, 2014

    Hello my dear readers, Guess what?! I finally received my Christmas present from my boyfriend! 😀 I knew what I would get (because I had to send him the link to buy it because he had no clue what I meant xD) and it was horrible to wait so long as I really wanted to…

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    Januar 12, 2014

    Hello my dearest, I hope you’re all doing good! I’m late with this post as well *sigh* but my sickness just threw me off my schedule. Plus I should do university stuff instead blogging but… I love blogging so much! Although everyone has already finished their Christmas posts, I’m that cocky and will give it…

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    Dezember 23, 2013

    Hey dear readers,  Wish you all a happy Monday! I really do hope this was your last day of work before Christmas if you’re not into the gastronomy like my boyfriend and I.. I think you should have the day off! 😀 I used my free time today to finally wrap the presents for my…

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    Dezember 19, 2013

    Hello my dear ones, Just a really quick update, I flew from BONN TO BERLIN today! (Feel like a VIP, flying everytime from A to B, never flew so much in my life in one single year!) I almost missed my flight because traffic in Bonn was horrible. Just plaaaiiin horrible. It took me almost…

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    Dezember 16, 2013

    Hello my lovelies, Are you enjoying the pre-Christmas time? With my schedule, I hardly had any time to enjoy it but I visited the Christmas markets enough so that I most certainly won’t miss them next Christmas when I’ll be in Korea. Crazy thing, not even three months left until I leave for Japan again!…

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  • Secret Santa Project.

    Dezember 27, 2012

    Good morning little girls, are you tired of Christmas yet? I usually never can’t get enough of that fuzzy and cosy atmosphere around Christmas so I am forcing one last post on you (I promise to make it short :D) I joined a Secret Santa Project that was hosted by a German blogger called Miriam.…

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  • Happy Merry Christmas!

    Dezember 25, 2012

    Happy Merry Christmas to all of my beloved readers! Swedish-themed Christmas tree at my mom’s place  // My very own Christmas tree at my bf’s place 😀 (I bought it and I had to carry this little super heavy thing and decorated it so it’s my whole pride.) I know I’m late and a bad…

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  • Merry belated Christmas! [Tokyo Disneyland Resort / Extremely Pic Heavy!]

    Dezember 26, 2011

    So my roommate and I went on Christmas Eve to Tokyo Disneyland the very first time in our lives. It was one of the best decisions in our life I guess! 😀 It wasn’t even as crowded as all our Japanese friends promised it to be. We went there very early, so it wasn’t nearly…

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