Winter is Coming in Seoul [Haul]: Get all the fluffiness!

November 13, 2014

Happy frosting evening everybody,

This week was a major turning point for South Korea: It suddenly turned winter. I kept hearing stories how the weather is really warm and nice and then suddenly it turns and it will stay winter forever. I think people might have been right. We had quite nice super sunny autumn weather for about two weeks when yesterday it suddenly turned quite cold with strong winds and today we only had 3°C. THREE DEGREES. Wow. That was fast. I was not quite prepared for that. I think I need to get my winter coat (that is still sleeping in my luggage because it takes so much space) because I will need it, latest in about a week I fear.
Now the dorm I live is not the most winter-friendly. Heaters are operating at quite a random schedule and the blanket we were given for sleeping is really thin. Like really really thin. It was fine for summer but I’m sleeping with two blankets for some weeks now. The blanket I bought at Daiso is unfortunately quite thin so I will need to get a thicker one real soon (like, tomorrow I guess.) I also had cramps aaaall day long today and was longing for a hot-water bottle. I don’t know about your country, but in Germany, we love hot-water bottles. My mom especially. My mom and I are both inseparable with our hot-water bottles in winter. Nothing feels better than a hot fluffy thing on top of your belly! But in Korea, this doesn’t seem to be a popular concept. Like, at all. I wanted to be productive today but I couldn’t concentrate with the cramps so I did some „Winter is Coming“ shopping because honestly, I need it. I’m freezing here! (I am currently using my non-isolated thermo bottle as a hot-water bottle (in the literal sense)…..)
I don’t want to get a blanket because it will be such a pain to get back to Germany but I really need one it’s so cold in the night! The hot-water bottles were not easy to find as the concept of those doesn’t seem to be too popular here. I found those though, which were a steal (4500Won / 3€!) and bought the light blue one with the bunny 😀 Can’t wait until it arrives and have a nice warm belly again.

I also got some clothes because I honestly don’t have many winter clothes. I was leaving in March and knew it would be summer soon in Japan so I only took one thick sweater and two cardigans plus boots with me so I needed some long sleeved sweaters. I like everything oversize and luckily, so do many Korean girls 😀 I usually am not a huge fan of blue colored items (apart from blue jeans I own one blue shirt..) but this deep blue I really liked. I think it will look great with my red hair (dyed it again!) and I liked the zipper in the back and black details on the sleeves 🙂 And since I mainly were black/dark greys in winter -especially here, I did pack everything that is easily combined, so mostly black- I chose this ivory colored knit to balance the darkness out a bit. It wasn’t easy to find V-neck knit sweaters that were oversized! I can easily make this warmer with a layered shirt underneath.
Last but not least I bought a big scarf – I only brought one and it begins to look really worn (maybe because I’ve binge-worn it for 2 winters straight…). I bought the scarf in a slightly darker grey with black ends instead of white but there wasn’t a good picture to show how HUGE it is. I don’t make compromises with my scarfs – maximum size and fluffiness is what I need. I found a great (similar) one at Zara but it was too expensive so I’m glad I found this 🙂 In case you wonder, everything was about 20,000Won/15€ each.

Update: Forgot the most important thing. Last week when I was sleeping at Susan’s place a shop had a big sale for fluffy sleeping pants (the kind of fluffy that we don’t have in Germany…) and when I saw this one I just had to get it:

…minions!! Everyone who knows me knows, that I LOVE the minions. I did watch both movies several times and they are still as funny as the first time. The minions and I just have so much in common. I first thought the stripes were pretty ugly but I’ve grown to love these weird pants more and more everyday. They are extremely fluffy and warm! And they make me laugh. 😀

Are you already prepared for winter? Or do you live in a warmer climate? I expect the Seoul winter to be really really cold although I look forward to the first snow of the year. I brought my winter coat + gloves + favorite beanie + comfortable boots so I will be prepared even if it snows tomorrow.
Lots of love,

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