TURKEY TRAVEL DIARY, PT.1: Ramada Resort Lara Beach.

Mai 28, 2013
Hello my sweet readers,
I hope you all had a good start into the week! I just had my first day of work after the vacation and luckily, I have this weekend completely off! I can’t remember when I had a weekend off the last time outside of vacation time…. wow. Maybe never, don’t really know. Early shift seems to be worth it when I can relax the whole weekend, yays! ^w^
As promised, this will be my first holiday post! In case you don’t know it yet: My cousin Jacky and I went together to Turkey for a week to lay around in the sun and… yeah, basically this. We didn’t do much except for sleeping, eating and laying around in the heat 😀 We were really lucky with 32°C straight and only good weather except for the last day. We first booked another hotel, but, as I feared already, it wouldn’t open until our vacation took place. So we were asked to chose a different hotel and were given two different choices; the first one was a „family“ hotel with lots of kids and an older building so we chose the other one, which was Ramada Resort Lara close to Alanya. It was newly opened and there were still some issues: However, we extremely enjoyed our holiday! The buffet was amazing (traditional Turkish cuisine!!), the pool modern yet relaxing and the beach… just wow. We both were very satisfied with this second choice 🙂 
It was my first time with All Inclusive and I love it! So much better when you don’t have to organize any food or pay for extra drinks (I really drink a lot, so this can be an issue). This first post will include general pictures of our vacation and how we spent it. Please enjoy! ^w^ P.S. You will see my bareface (WHICH IS VERY HARD FOR ME OKAY) so please be gentle. I don’t really like myself without make-up but I most certainly wouldn’t put on make-up when I’m just laying with my cousin on the beach 😀 This is a first too! Maybe the first step to a better self-acceptance… Pictures were taken either by me or my cousin and either with my or her camera (or a third person) :3
#1 Hotel with pool looked good and lots of space for relaxing! There weren’t even so many people yet. #2 Good mood after arrival! #3 Our room. It was small, but very clean and a nice bathroom. I was so happy we got two several beds, I am such a nitpicker when it comes to sleep! So many issues… ^^“
#4 The beach bar where we got drinks and had lunch 🙂
#5 They built an overhead crossing with a little space just inside the ocean! WE LOVED THIS. Strange enough, most people didn’t want to be there so we pretty much had the space for us. You could directly jump into the water it was just amazing! 😀
 #6 On the stairs on the back of the overhead bridge with Jacky 🙂 I was surprised how long my hair already got, I just had the feeling it’s still much shorter.
#7 Water slides at the pool! ^w^ #8 Amazing outer appearance of a hotel just next to ours. #9 Why always so serious…? :DD
#10 Since my aunt and uncle (her parents) were in the same hotel (by coincidence!!!) they could take lots of pictures of us ^__^ #11 We went to see the sunset everyday, just the most beautiful light <3

#12 Speaking of amazing beautiful light… <3
To keep things short, this really has been an amazing trip! We had lots of fun and could really relax 🙂 I am happy we didn’t fight over anything and just had a great time. If you wanna go to Turkey, go for it! I would always go again. Hope you liked this little insight into our travel diary! Next post will be about the „pavillon photoshoot“ we did on our second day.
Lots of love to you all & Talk to you soon!
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