The Ultimate Japanese Shopping Vocabulary List [EN+DE]

Juni 2, 2015

Hey there!

I’ve been meaning to make this post in forever but as it happens, my thesis triggered a heavy fear of tables. The struggle is real. One of the most exciting things to write about in this blog is the actual combination of my knowledge (e.g. Japanese) with my favorite hobbies (beauty stuff) – I love when this happens! Combining two passions of mine always means a lot of work though, as I want to bring you the possible best I can provide. So in order to bring you this special post today, I first had to look up how the hell to create a table in HTML. Combine this with my general fear of tables and……yep, you might understand what took me so long.
Thinking back though, when I was coming to Japan for the very first time my Japanese was limited. Extremely limited. I had been studying in university for approximately 3 months so while I could form basic sentences, my ability to understand any random Japanese citizen was venturing against zero. It left my boyfriend and me with many fun stories but also with many missed opportunities. Even though I can’t make up for the lack of actual Japanese language skill, I can try to make your journey a bit more relaxed with as much guidance as I can provide! 🙂

Some general words about the Japanese language: Unlike most other countries, Japanese do still speak very little English in general. You will see that a lot of words in this list actually are derived from English. However, if you just use the normal English pronounciation, chances are that most Japanese will have no idea what you are talking about since they are so used to the Japanized version, so make sure to adjust in that respect. Don’t be shy to mutter some imperfect Japanese – at least trying to use their language opens up the locals and you will find many Japanese a lot more helpful if you at least try to communicate in their language. I made the table in English and German because I thought if I’m already gonna do it, why not do it right. Most Germans speak English well enough but for the few who don’t: This is for you!

I tried to give you a phonetical description of how the words are pronounced (as this sometimes differ a lot from how it is written). Since this is obviously a very difficult task to do when you don’t speak Japanese at all, I highly recommend to copy and paste the desired word or phrase into google translate and listening to the pronouncation there. It’s not perfect, but it will make many issues you might find with pronouncing at least a bit easier. If your communication partner doesn’t seem to understand you at all, feel free to show him this list and do the famous „pointing out“ game! 😀 Also, you will probably notice that the overwhelming majority of Japanese words ends of „u“. In about 90% of the cases, the „u“ is not pronounced but rather omitted (well, not exactly, but for this guide, it will have to do). Also, you will see a lot of „uu“ „ii“ and „oo“; a double consonant means that the consonant is spoken longer than you usually would.


   Useful phrases   

How to write it

How to pronounce it


今日は konnichi ha Kon-nichi-wa Hello/Guten Tag
ありがとう arigatou arigato[o] Thank you/Danke
お願いします o-negai shimasu onegai shimas‘ Please/Bitte
はい hai hai Yes/Ja
いいえ iie ih-ih-e No/Nein
これ kore kore This/Dies
下さい kudasai kudasai Please/Bitte
これ下さい kore kudasai kore kudasai This, please/Dies hier bitte
いくらですか? ikura desu ka? ikura des‘ ka? How much is this?/Wieviel kostet das?
Xはどこですか? X ha doko desu ka? X wa doko des‘ ka? Where is X?/Wo finde ich X?
Xは何ですか? X ha nan desu ka? X wa nan des‘ ka? What is X?/Was ist X?
これは何ですか? kore ha nan desu ka? kore wa nan des‘ ka? What is this?/Was ist das hier?
カードで買えますか? kaado de kaemasu ka? ka-do de kaemas‘ ka? Can I pay by card?
Kann ich mit Karte bezahlen?
試着していいですか? shichaku shite ii desu ka? shi-chaku shite ii des’ka? Can I try this on?/Darf ich das einmal anprobieren?
これは? kore ha? kore wa? And this [item]?/Und das hier?
大丈夫です daijoubu desu daijobu des‘ Okay/In Ordnung
。。。はありますか? …ha arimasu ka? …wa arimas‘ ka? Do you have…?/Gibt es hier…?
わたしは X を
watashi ha X wo
sagashite imasu
watashi wa X o
sagashte imas‘
I’m looking for X/Ich suche nach X
X は売りますか? X ha urimasu ka? X wa urimas‘ ka? Do you sell X?/Verkaufen Sie X?
[X を]見せてください [X wo] misete kudasai [X o] misete kudasai Please show me X/Zeigen Sie mir bitte X
[X を]買いたいです [X wo] kaitai desu [X o] kaitai des‘ I want to buy X/Ich möchte X kaufen
セールをやっていますか? seeru wo yatte imasu ka? se-ru o yatte imas‘ ka? Do you have a sale going on?
Haben Sie Angebote/Schlussverkauf?
すみません sumimasen sumimasen I apologize/Verzeihung.
すみません,… sumimasen sumimasen Excuse me,… /Entschuldigung,…
分かりません wakarimasen wakarimasen I don’t understand/Ich verstehe nicht

tasukete moraimasen ka?

tas’kette moraimasen‘ ka?

Could you please help me?
Könnten Sie mir bitte helfen?

fuku fuku Clothes/Kleidung
Tシャツ T-shatsu T-shatsu T-shirt
ズボン zubon zubon Pants/Hose
ジーンズ jiinzu jiinzu(jeans-u) Jeans
ワンピース wanpiisu one-pies‘ One-piece/dress/Kleid
スカート sukaato sukaato Skirt/Rock
シャツ shatsu shatsu Shirt/Hemd
セーター seetaa seta Sweatshirt/Pullover
コート kooto kooto Coat/Jacke
ソックス sokkusu socks-u Socks/Socken





スキンケア sukinkea skinkea Skincare/Hautpflege
kao kao Face/Gesicht
hada hada Skin/Haut
化粧水 keshousui keshoo sui Toner/Gesichtswasser
乳液 nyuueki nyu-eki Emulsion/Feuchtigkeitsfluid
クレンジング kurenjingu krenjing‘ Cleansing/Reinigung
クレンジングクリーム kurenjingu kuriimu krenjing‘ kuri-mu Cleansing cream/Reinigungscreme
クレンジングオイル kurenjingu oiru krenjing‘ oiru Cleansing oil/Reinigungsöl
セラム seramu seram‘ Serum
サンスクリーン sansukuriinu sansukriin‘ Sunscreen/Sonnenschutz
日焼け止め hiyakedome hiyake dome Sunscreen/Sonnenschutz
ニキビ nikibi nikibi Pimples/Pickel
毛穴 keana ke-ana Pores/Pore
乾燥皮膚; ドライスキン kansou hifu/dorai sukin kansoo hifu/dorai skin Dry skin/Trockene Haut




Oily Skin/Fettige Haut

化粧 keshou kesho Make-up (in general/allgemein)
BBクリーム BB kuriimu BB kurim‘ BB Cream
ベースメイク beesumeiku bees‘ meiku Base Make-up/Grundierung
化粧下地 keshoushitaji kesho shitaji Primer
ファンデーション fandeeshon fande-shon Foundation
コンシーラー konshiiraa konshiiraa Concealer/Abdeckstift
フェイスパウダー feisupaudaa face paudaa Face Powder/Gesichtspuder
アイブラウ aiburau eye burau Eyebrow/Augenbraue
マスカラ masukara mascara Mascara/Wimperntusche
アイシャドー aishadoo eye shado(w) Eyeshadow/Lidschatten
口紅 kuchibeni kuchi beni Lipstick/Lippenstift



rippu stick


kami kami Hair/Haare
ヘアケア heakea hea kea Haircare/Haarpflege
シャンプー shanpuu shanpu Shampoo
コンディショナー kondishonaa kondishona Conditioner/Haarspülung
頭皮 touhi to-hi Scalp/Kopfhaut
寝ぐせ直し negusenaoshi neguse naoshi Overnight treatment/Haarmaske für die Nacht
日焼け止め 髪用


hiyakedome kamiyou

hiyake dome kami you

Heat protection spray/Hitzeschutz für die Haare

大きい ookii ookii Big/Groß
小さい chiisai chi-isai Small/Klein
普通 futsuu futsuu Regular/Normal
細い hosoi hosoi Slim/Schlank/Dünn
太い futoi futoi Fat/Dick
長い nagai nagai Long/Lang
短い mijikai mijikai Short/Kurz
安い yasui yasui Cheap/Affordable/Günstig
高い takai takai Expensive/Teuer



taka sugiru

Too Expensive/Zu Teuer

売り切れ urikire uri kire Sold out/Ausverkauft
限定アイテム gentei aitemu gentei [a]item Limited edition/Limitiertes Produkt
試着室 shichakushitsu shi-chaku shitsu Fitting room/Anprobe
ビニール袋 biniirubukuro binii-ru bukuro Plastic bag/Plastiktüte
一回払い ikkaiharai ikkai harai Single payment/Einmalige Zahlung
免税 menzei menzei Taxfree/Steuerfrei
(お)会計 o-kaikei o-kaikei Checkout/Bill Kasse/Rechnung
レジ reji reji Checkout/Kasse
サービスカウンター saabisukauntaa saabis‘ kauntaa Service counter/Information
会員券 kaiinken kai-in ken Membership card/Mitgliedskarte
割引 waribiki waribiki Discount/Rabatt



waribiki ken

Discount coupon/Rabattcoupon

肌研(ハダラボ) hadarabo hada rabo Hada Labo
ジルスチュアート jirusuchyuaato Jiru Suchu-aato Jill Stuart
資生堂 shiseido shiseido Shiseido
エテュセ etyuse etyuse Ettusais
ドーリーウィンク dooriiuinku doorii winku Dolly Wink
シュウ ウエムラ Shuu Uemura Shuu Uemura Shu Uemura
ヒロインメイク Hiroin Meiku Heroine Meiku Heroine Make
マジョリカ マジョルカ Majorika Majoruka Majorika Majorka Majolica Majorca
キャンメイク Kyanmeiku Kyan Meiku Canmake
ヴィセ vise visee Visée
I really hope this little table will be useful to someone with travel plans to Japan or even just for online googling around for finding products of a certain brand etc 🙂 I am totally planning on doing this same post also for Korean, but that might take a little bit longer since I am far from being fluent in Korean just yet. Find the Korean version here!

Also, I want this to be growing project for it to be most helpful so if there are any words or phrases missing, please feel free to point them out in the comment section! I will add them to this list for an easier shopping experience in Japan (hopefully).

It’s 2:30AM (again) and I have many obligations tomorrow so… have a good night everyone! I’m excited to get all your feedback about how I can make this more user-friendly in the future!
Lots of love,


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