Review: Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Eyeliner in #Brown.

Mai 29, 2014

Hello lovelies,

How are you doing? That one day when I was in Akihabara to meet a friend I passed by this small drugstore and one item caught my eye: a little table crowded with Sailor Moon-themed cosmetics. You read right. Freaking Sailor Moon-themed cosmetics! I loved Sailor Moon when I was a kid and I cannot deny that it had a big influence on my perception of Japan even to the extent that I ended up being a student of Japanese Studies. (Fun fact: That proud moment when I was standing in a Japanese karaoke for the very first time, singing the Japanese Sailor Moon intro. I sang it a lot when I was small but of course, since I didn’t know Japanese it was just a big mess. That was almost a child wish come true.)
So, for several reasons playing with each other, I just had to get this Sailor Moon-themed eyeliner. I do love myself a good eyeliner and the design was way too cute to resist! I try not to get too caught into packaging (it’s all about the content, at least.) but Sailor Moon was something I just could not resist. At all. So I bought this pink little wonder for 1200 Yen (about 9€).

The eyeliner I got is part of a whole range of Sailor Moon-themed eyeliners that just emerged due to the remake of the anime TV show (which will air in July, if you didn’t know already.) When I found the eyeliner in Akihabara one could chose from black or brown (Sailor Moon), red (Sailor Mars) or blue (Sailor Mercury) eyeliners; however it seems like new products pop out every now and then; the range just got some green (Sailor Jupiter) and yellow (Sailor Venus) glitter eyeliners.
The packaging, as already said, is adorable. Feels also sturdy and not cheap or easily destroyable (which is an important factor if you drop items as often as I tend to do.) Unfortunately I forgot to take a swatch on the back of my hand, how bad of a blogger could I be?? Imagine a medium brown with a decent coverage, thin formula but not too watery. Although I forgot to swatch I did not forget to take a picture of how it looks when worn (this is my usual Thursday/Friday no-motivation-for-make-up look):
The eyeliner looks very dark here due to the lighting, it is a bit lighter in real life. If you look closely you can notice, that the line I drew is not fully opaque; while the liner has a decent coverage it happens that there are spots left out and it is not quite possible to fill the blanks. Even when dried and applied again the liner tends to leave a spot here or there. Since I only use brown eyeliner when I’m not in the mood for make-up this doesn’t bother me as much but might upset others.
Here the color is true to what it looks like in real life and you can also see the uneven appearance on my lids. What bothers me a lot more with this eyeliner is the tip. I don’t know how to describe it, it… scratches. Stings. Feels very uncomfortable when applying which is the main reason I don’t use this liner as much as I would have loved to. I am not even sure why the liner is so uncomfortable; the tip is very flexible and soft so I think it is a problem of material they used; from the looks of it the tip could consist of some plastic fibers(?) which makes me really not enjoy the application.
Due to uneven application and uncomfortable feeling when applying, sadly, I will neither recommend this product nor buy it again. I will definitely use it up since it is not the worst eyeliner in the world; however there are better products out there, for example the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Brown which looks lovely on one of my best friends (I personally just prefer liquid eyeliners over gel for no particular reason.) If you think you need this in your life because Sailor Moon – you have been warned. Hope this review will be helpful to anyone, Sailor Moon fan or not 🙂
Have a splendid week everyone!
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