Outfit: Stormdrenched World.

Juni 4, 2015

There are some days, when the only thing that gets me out of bed is the simple thought of making myself a cup of coffee and avoiding all humanity for a day. And then there are these days when I am dancing along the social lines that this world has to offer. In less poetical words, I met my cousin again and we had a wonderful afternoon of caramel coffee and talk. (And I’m always telling you she’s my cousin, but really, we are more like sisters (very different ones, I’ll admit that.) Whenever someone asks me „So, you don’t have any siblings?“ I’m like „No, I have my cousin, I’m covered, thanks.“) The great thing about my cousin is that she is super supportive so it is thanks to her that I am presenting you an outfit post – again. Two in one month! :3
I have to admit, I always envy those bloggers who turn their significant others into photographers because in my case, I tried that. And I utterly failed. My boyfriend will hit the shutter probably twice, then returning my phone with the words „done“. That he cut off my feet, didn’t align with the background at all, I have my eyes closed and look like 10 pounds more than I am supposed to be isn’t really of any greater interest to him. That being said, I am happy to have my cousin who never gets tired of my „Could you maybe take a picture…?“ requests and turned into a creative photographer all by herself. Most of the time, she directs me around like a boss, telling me that my posing is just awkward and that I make myself look fat. So, these pictures aren’t just any other outfit pictures, but they are the combined power of cousin bonding. How great is that..? 🙂 (In simpler words, thank you for always producing great pictures!)
Despite being June, Germany probably didn’t get the memo that late spring/early summer is supposed to get warmer. The whole May was as rainy and stormy as it gets but not that I’m complaining: rain is actually my favorite weather of all times. (We basically took these pictures in the only rain-free 5 minutes that we got.) 
On an even more positive note, I am finally able to wear my favorite jacket that I got back in Japan out! I originally meant to buy a jeans jacket but well – this was just so much cooler. If it has studs, I will probably buy it already but the unusual color made this jacket all the more a „must buy“ for me! Sadly, 40°C in Japan kind of prevented me from wearing this jacket out… ever.
Jacket: Rakuten; Collared shirt: H&M; Jeans: H&M; Shoes: Deichmann
Crystal Necklace: Etsy; Bag: Tokyo Disneyland
Is it summer where you live at already or are you living the rainy life just like we do here? When you’ll read this post I will already be having my first day at my new/old job at Starbucks! Visit me if you’re at the main station in Berlin! :3 Have a great day!
Lots of love,
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