Low Carb Nutella Banana Pancakes

Februar 20, 2013

My dear readers,

I’m so sorry for being absent again. Although my exams are all over, I have to support my friends who have a very important exam tomorrow! My best friend is completely freaking out so I will accompany her to make her stay at least a bit more calm. Also, with 5 days off in a row from work I am really into seeing all my friends again! I just went to Pachi (my ex-roommate from Japan) to help her learning for oral Japanese exam. We made great dinner and played Zelda Skyward Sword all afternoon after learning 😀 Also tomorrow, I will force her to come with me to my mom’s place because she will prepare awesome dinner for us. I’ll have a sleepover at her place on Thursday I guess. On Friday my friends and I will have a party because one of the girls had her birthday. Still not sure what I shall prepare for her as a present… maybe an awesome chocolate cake or cupcakes..? Hmmm still not decided.
Since I didn’t bring my camera the last days I really don’t have anything neat to show to you guys :< Only thing I did is to invent new recipes! I am still doing my low carb thing and I have to admit, it’s getting harder. I had a lack of motivation the last two weeks with all the social encounters and free food but somehow I was able to maintain the weight I already lost. Most crucial thing for me are sweets. I have an incredible sweet tooth and ate chocolate and other sweets daily (I am SO proud that I don’t really eat sweets at all at the moment, we don’t even have anything at home except for Nutella.) But these last days, the Nutella jar reeeaaally tried to compell me. I swear. It was SO hard. In the end, I gave in. Or, let me say, I beat the Nutella with its own weapons and invented low carb pancakes with bananas and Nutella! 😀
I have to admit, I am not really a pancake person. My boyfriend loooooves pancakes. He only survived by eating pancakes and cereals when I was the year studying in Japan. (No exaggeration, I am still trying to find out how he can look that trained with only pancakes and muesli daily. Life’s unfair!) He is always making pancakes when I’m eating out. He loves really heavy and thick American pancakes. If I’m eating pancakes, they have to be so thin you could actually look through them (my father mastered this technique when I was a child.) Long story short; I love thin pancakes with bananes and chocolate on it. I can’t help myself, I ate a whole truck of banana-chocolate-pancakes in Japan (which might’ve been a reason for my weight gaining in that time period….). 
So I invented this low carb version for myself so I can have something sweet without destroying my whole plans for the week. 😀 It’s as easy as it looks: Just mix 50ml 1,5% milk, 2 whole eggs, 20gr flavored protein powder, 20gr of cream cheese and a pinch of baking powder together in a bowl. Stirr well, heat a pan and bake your pancakes to your favorite thickness. My favorite toppings are banana slices + Nutella or vanilla custard + strawberries (unfortunately, strawberry season in Germany is in summer :< )
…and there you go with delicious high protein pancakes! Of course, this is nothing you should eat all day long. Just because it has a lot of protein doesn’t mean it’s healthy. But it is more healthy than eating a whole chocolate bar all by yourself, so have yourself a little treat! I myself think it is important to treat yourself sometimes to get the motivation going. Yes, I wanna be fit and healthy but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna enjoy life too 🙂 Here you can have both! Hope you give this easy recipe a try and tell me how it turned out! I promise the next post won’t be another food post. Ah, I’m so behing with what I wanted to post u_u“““ So sorry! Oh and hello & welcome to all the new readers, great you found your way here! It’s 2 AM now, need to get up in 7 hours. I prescheduled this post, so when you’ll read this post I’ll be at university, calming down my friend’s nerves before exam. Hope you all have an amazing day!
Much love & Talk to you soon!
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