Low Carb High Protein Pizza!

Februar 12, 2013

Hey girls & guys,

I hope you’re all doing good? You all know that I try to keep my food healthy and try to cut out most of the carbs as good as I can but I have to confess that I just loooove junk food. Not always, not anytime, but I need it from time to time. I especially have a big love for burgers and pizza  Now with the kind of lifestyle I try to achieve pizza is one of the least things I can think of. BUT! I just had a little kitchen experiment and wanted to share my success with you all 😀 By chance, I came across some forum where people would talk about a „low carb pizza“ which made me extremely curious, pizza-loving as I am. Usually pizza’s just carbs and fat without any much protein going on but this seemed so promising! I was really surprised about the ingredients first but I decided to try it and changed the ingredients a bit to my liking. My boyfriend already was in total fear that he might starve in the afternoon if my experiment would fail 😀 And here’s how it’s done (Serves two or one really hungry person):
Preheat oven. For the dough you’ll need 8oz (=230grams) cream cheese (I only have two different ones here because there was only a little amount left in one of them), 2 fresh eggs and one cup grated parmesan cheese (Since I have trouble using the US measurement „cup“ I just used about 100 grams of parmesan – that’s all I had :D) Throw everything in a bowl and mix mix mix until it’s even! It will look like a cake mix afterwards and it’s really liquid. Butter a pan or whatever you’ll use, pour it inside and beware of holes, it has to be an even dough! Don’t be afraid it will be too thick, it will flatten A LOT once baked. I did bake it for 15 minutes at 170°C but I’d recommend longer at a lower temperature since my dough got pretty much burned at the edges. In the meantime, prepare tomato sauce:

Yes, I’m always doing my own tomato sauce! So much better than everything you can buy. Chop at least 2 cloves of garlic and roast in a pan until they start to get darker. Be careful!! Garlic can get burned within seconds. Add a bit of tomato purée and roast together with the garlic, then add sieved tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, and all the seasonings you like, I used the standard salt, pepper, paprila, basil and chili flakes (because I like it spicy (^_^)/ ) I always add a bit of red wine if I have some and let it cook down for at least 30 minutes or longer if I have the time 😀

Add toppings of your choice! I always always always have ham & chillies together, I FREAKING LOVE CHILLIES. I had half a red pepper leftover from a salad so I threw it in too. You can add everything you like, though I advise you to NOT throw in things which are too mushy/wet like tuna, tomatoes or mushrooms – the dough is so extremely thin already I guess it won’t be a good idea. Throw tomato sauce, toppings and some cheese of your liking over the prebaked dough and bake another 5 – 10 minutes until cheese is melted 🙂  So, how about the end product? Did it live up to its hype, or…?
I have to say this pizza tasted amazing, totally overwhelmed and the dough didn’t even taste much like cheese. It’s more like cake from the consistency, but tasted totally like pizza dough. AMAZING. Only thing I have to say the dough is EXTREMELY fragile, that’s why my pizza looks a bit distorted, it wasn’t possible to get it out of the baking pan without damaging it a bit. Despite that, it tasted just like normal pizza and I think it’s a great way for people like me who try to cut out carbs. I WILL NEVER HAVE TO CRAVE PIZZA AGAIN!  Nevertheless, although this is a low carb high protein pizza it doesn’t mean it is necessarily a healthy thing. It just has other ingredients but I wouldn’t consider it a healthy meal. It’s still better for me than eating „normal“ pizza because I won’t fall off my meal plan completely 🙂
Hope you got hungry while reading this and maybe you’ll try it out too? I’m definitely more hungry now than I was before I started typing this post 😀 Should I share other recipes too or aren’t you interested in that..? (For me, I’m ALWAYS interested in food. Always. Ever.)
Have a good day & Talk to you soon! :3 Much love,
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