Dezember 20, 2013

Hej my dear readers,

I just realized that I have to much to post about that I might probably need to get a post done every day to work that little „post pile“ down. I have a lot of ideas and already took a lot pictures for many posts but I simply lack the time between all my studies. Since I know have two weeks „off“ (if you can say that, still so much prepping to do..) I try to post as much as I can! 😀 Thank you all for your feedback on the Motel Rocks Sequin Dress, I’ll make sure you get decent pics later 🙂
Today is a different, yet not less sparkly theme: Nail polish! Ever since I stopped working in the gastronomy I indulged myself heavily into the nail polish cult. Truth is; I never really cared so much for nail polish and would only do it occassionally – but when I was permitted to have any polish at all on my nails for two years my inner self created a HUGE desire to get my nails painted, so here we go – my favorite polishes of November & December! 🙂
From left to right: Manhattan Quick Dry #57U / Catrice #45 Kitch Me If You Can / Manhattan Top Coat / Manhattan LE Dusky Pink (by Emily Strange) (In case you didn’t notice I have a thing for Manhattan polishes…) (I cannot belive that I cannot find my detail shot for Dusky Pink I am pretty sure that I made a lot of detail shots because this polish is just beyond beautiful! However, seems they vanished from my computer….)

I LOOOVE that glitter top coat from Catrice, it looks just as good and sparkly on your nails as it does inside the bottle. I actually made a christmassy look with those two, but the design chipped before I could get a proper picture of it 🙁 I actually really do like the polishes from Catrice, so far they have yet to disappoint me. And I can never run past a good glitter polish, I just can’t. Glitter is my life.
Manhattan LE Very Veggie

This one joined the family later, so he gets a single shot for himself. I actually do not like blue or green shades for nail polish. At all. I think blue especially is kinda hideous on the nails and reminds me of river corpses who have been found too late. This sweetie here, however.. was love at first sight. It’s impossible to catch the amazing colors it gives when held in the light, it is amazing and I really do love this shade. It also lasted very good on my nails 🙂 This would be the perfect shade to match up with my Motel Rocks sequin dress but I left this polish in Bonn soooo… guess I have to get another polish to match my outfit :<
I really prefer dark red and plum tones in the dark season. However, I have yet to find a good red sparkly glitter polish for Christmas, although I kinda fell in love with the one that Essie has currently in stock (Namely: #A Cut Above). I have a little bit of money left on my gift card from Douglas I received for my birthday and I think I will invest in a really nice polish for Christmas! Hope you have all your preparations for Christmas ready…?
Lots of love,
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