Decoden, cam worries and 新年会 (〜^∇^)〜

Januar 22, 2012
First of all, thank you all for thinking of me in my exam period! You cheered me up when I couldn’t take the learning any more. There are still two exams left (JLPT N2 grammar and an interview of the perspective of a character from a drama I took part in) but the others went quite fine so far! I’ll receive a feedback on Tuesday and the results on Friday when the final ceremony will be held.
The day before yesterday (pre-yesterday? xD) I bought a new book about Decoden via Amazon (^_^) I have to take advantage of the place where I live at the moment because I don’t have to worry about packaging fees so much 😀 As some of you may know I’m into Decoden since I met my Decoden-Queen-Friend Susan at university, she inspired me so much! That was the point when I started and I like to browse through magazines or books to get new inspirations. Since I couldn’t find any books or magazines featuring decoration at my local bookstores I decided to buy some online. Book I bought was 700 Yen. Most of them are available second hand which makes them really cheap (: I really really want to start again when I finally passed all my exams and need to buy materials when I’m in Tokyo next time.

The book I bought; had the best feedback and the content looked nice when I looked into the book’s contents via Amazon. I’ll review that later if anybody’s interested in it (:
Furthermore, I thought about getting a Polaroid Camera. I really really want one since ages but I don’t know. There are really really cheap second hand one’s in Germany BUT it’s kinda expensive and you never know if you’ll be able to find any films for a reasonable price (sometimes the films are traded for more than 50€). There are some modern polaroid cameras on the market, like the Fujifilm Instax 210 *click for details* but the prices of the films are also heavy and I’m doubting these cams’ll have this nostalgic retro feeling like the older ones because the quality will be better (which in general is good, but I can take clear pics with my DSLR :3 ).  But biggest reason is simply the price of the films, I’m not willed to spend 50€ or more just on some films. 
For that reason I also considered to buy a cam from Lomography. These cams are simply analog cameras despite some of them have special feautures like a fisheye lens, 4-shots-in-a-row, panorama and so on. Plus for these is that they are cheap (available around 50€) and the films are also not as expensive compared to polaroid ones. I’d really like to make some shots in Tokyo, for example Akihabara or Shibuya/Shinjuku because I really like to hangout there! ^-^ Plus, they have shops in Berlin and Tokyo so it wouldn’t be a problem if I’d need something. Only minus is that these films, of course, need to be processed. Actually  I already own an analog camera but this thing is so fucking old that there aren’t even any devices left of how to use it. And the film I shot was really really shit and many pics missing so maybe it’s broken. I’m still considering and maybe buying when I’m in Berlin in February, ‚cause the store is across the street from where I use to study.
„La Sardinia“ model

„La Sardinia“ model

„Diana“ model
Ah and I totally forgot to blog about the 新年会 (pronounce: shinnenkai), which is a New Year Party held shortly after the new year began. My Yosakoi club invited me to come with them and it was really a funny night! We went into an izakaya right at the station for an all-you-can-eat-and-drink for 2 hours. Dishes were delicious and the drinks were okay. I’m always dissatisfied with the drinks because I’m from Germany, lol. Our alcohol is so much better, I’m sorry Japan. 
Salmon <:
Chicken! (^_^)
Best thing which happened: Drunk Japanese guys tried to get us into a drinking game with them but all friends of mine refused because they can’t take alcohol so well and are drink like hell after a beer. Because they didn’t stop to force us, I joined them so they’d shut up. Everybody was like screaming that the FOREIGN girl (ohmygod a female in a drinking game!!) joined. And of course, I won. They said I have to drink a whole bottle of beer up in a single try. Since everybody failed like 100ml I just drank mine up because the Japanese beer is more water than beer, seriously. I wouldn’t do that back in Germany but Japanese beer really isn’t dangerous when you’re used to normal German beer, haha. So I won and everybody was freakin‘ AMAZED by my single existence, haha. Reactions were adorable I wish I had a video of that. After that everybody was really worried if I’d be okay or maybe have to throw up or something but of course nothing happened. I’m really strong and I barely drank anything before :3  I only did it to entertain the Japanese guys who were shocked, haha. xD  
Me with Angel, a Chinese girl who lives in Japan for 4 years now. She trains me in Yosakoi dance. She’s so tiny, she barely matches my shoulder :’D

2/3 of the Yosakoi members :3 

Together with Yumi my sweet baby! 😀
Woah, that post turned out to be superlong and random o_o“ For now….. I’m back learning grammar and improving my listening comprehension by watching Japanese TV series, muha 😡 I hope you’re doing well, I’m reporting after I hopefully passed all the exams (: 
Until next time!
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