• ☆ Welcome to the NHK! ☆

    Juni 24, 2012

    Two weeks ago, me and all other exchange students from my university (Tôkai) were able to make an excursion with our teachers to go see Kabuki (traditional Japanese theater) and visit the NHK Studio Park! I totally forgot to blog about it was too lazy to edit all pictures that’s why I am late on that…

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  • Shonan Yosakoi Festival in Hiratsuka

    Juni 6, 2012

    What’s printed on the sheet is the name of our group „Hibiki“ which means „Echo“ and the name of our 2012 choreography „Furanbou“ which I have no idea how to translate correctly. The single parts mean „happiness“ „chaos“ and „dance“ :3 …I don’t know if I ever mentioned this on this blog, but I am…

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  • Berlin → Tokyo

    Februar 20, 2012

    I’m back in tooooown! To make it short: There are no pictures or stories to tell about my 2-week-visit back home. The point I arrived my boyfriend got terribly sick and when he recovered I got sick instead. We spent Valentine’s Day laying deadly on the sofa watching one of the most bloodiest criminal I’ve…

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  • Tokyo → Berlin

    Februar 4, 2012

    My dear readers, I’m off to Berlin! Everything is packed and in around one hour I’ll head for Shinjuku, spend the time in a random karaoke, sing my lungs to death and take the train to Narita airport in the morning between 6 or 7 AM. My flight’ll go at 12 but I like to…

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  • [箱根温泉旅行] Hot spring trip to Hakone ♥

    Februar 2, 2012

    After finishing and hopefully passing all exams at university my roommate and I left for Hakone which is about half an hour from where we live. I don’t have all the results yet but I’d like to thank everybody for their wishes and support! I passed the normal Japanese course with an A, Japanese high-level…

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