• OOTD: A sculpture of water and unsettled dust.

    April 26, 2014

    Hello again ♡ I finally found a way to at least take -semi-decent outfit pictures. I am dying to take some good ones but in this dark and really small dorm room I am restricted to the small space that I can work with. Today I finally wore the dress from Axes Femme that I fell…

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    April 8, 2014

    My dear readers, I am now almost a month in Japan and soooo much has happened! I didn’t have internet for almost three weeks straight and it was hell. Not because I’m addicted to internet – it was really bad that I could not get into contact with my boyfriend, family or friends at all.…

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  • Tokyo Day!

    August 5, 2012

    Hello my lovelies, On Thursday, Pachi and I went to Tokyo again (time flies! so much to do, so little time..) this time for Akihabara and Asakusa. Pachi wanted to get some anime merchandise while I wanted to do special purikura cosplay for our anniversary (100 PURIKURA SHEETS! Call me insane, but hell yeah!) and…

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  • Harajuku + Shibuya Haul

    Juli 26, 2012

    Hello my dear readers & new followers, first of all: I am deadly sick. Well, not deadly maybe, but I am so sick that I lost my voice today. I have some weird stuff going on in my body since last Sunday and coughed a lot but today’s hardcore shopping tour took its toll and…

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  • The Third Of July, or: MY BIRTHDAY :D

    Juli 4, 2012

    I know I said I won’t post anything before my birthday and then came up with four(?) personal posts or something like that, I’m sorry! It was real trouble when I changed my blog URL, honestly, I am not doing that ever again! If I knew that before, I’d rather… but well, cannot be helped!…

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  • ☆ Welcome to the NHK! ☆

    Juni 24, 2012

    Two weeks ago, me and all other exchange students from my university (Tôkai) were able to make an excursion with our teachers to go see Kabuki (traditional Japanese theater) and visit the NHK Studio Park! I totally forgot to blog about it was too lazy to edit all pictures that’s why I am late on that…

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  • Harajuku Haul + OOTD + Fleamarket Gets! ♥

    Juni 12, 2012

    Although it rained cats and dogs on Saturday I went to Tokyo because my dear good friend Susann moved to Tokyo on Monday and lives now in a small apartment near Ikebukuro. I met her in March so it was not a super big reunion but nonetheless we had a looot of stuff to discuss…

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  • Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012 in Odaiba

    Mai 15, 2012

    I totally forgot to post about my adventures when visiting the annual Anime Fair located in Odaiba, Tokyo. It was the last day together in Tokyo before our friend Susann left again for Berlin! Since she and my roommate Pachi are great fans of anime we decided to visit the fair. Tickets were only 800Yen…

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  • Friends in concert!

    Mai 8, 2012

    FRESH DYED PINK HAIR! 😀 This is what my hair looks like about one week after dyeing it. The color lasts up to 2 – 3 weeks, after that it’s still very bright in the first third of my hair while my bangs are turning blonde XD Usually I’m making a bun for a week…

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  • ☀ IT’S SUMMERTIME! (Cosplay Purikura) ☀

    April 19, 2012

    Ok ok, maybe I was a bit too fast to announce summer already, but what I meant is the mood in my blog! I changed the template and design because I HATED my last design. First loved it for it simplicity but then it faded to just plain boring. So everything new in April, of…

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