• Sponsored Review: Big Decoden (Sophie & Toffee) Haul!

    Mai 27, 2012

    GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT What? Oh, no… not me! 😀 Not yet. Before I come to the core of my blog title I want to share with you a fabulous giveaway one of my fellow blogger girls is holding! I’m speaking of the fabulous Feelo which I adore! Srsly, I love that girl, she’s insane and adorable.…

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  • BYS Cosmetics Eyeshadows ☆

    Mai 5, 2012

    Have you guys ever heard of the make-up company named BYS? Since they don’t seem to have any stocks in Germany I first encountered their products here in Japan. I first thought they were a sub-company of NYX since both of the companies have three big syllables as their name and in most stores their…

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  • Products+Review since I came to Japan (BB Cream, Palty, Diamond Eyelash, Lavshuca, Shiseido)

    Dezember 28, 2011

    Title says everything. Who hasn’t seen my post about my trip to Disneyland yet, should click here! (≧∇≦)/ Because I don’t have anything real to post about I thought I give you a little insight in which products I bought since I came to Japan and what experiences I made with them. Some were great and…

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  • [Review!] Geo Nudy Golden Blue ♥

    September 4, 2011

    Soo as I posted yesterday my cam crashed while taking photos of these awesome lenses and thats the reason why I’m a bit late with the review :3 I ordered them via Angelic Rain which was extremely comfy! As soon as I placed the order I got an e-mail that my item was shipped. It…

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  • My perfect everyday lenses!

    September 3, 2011

    I was really excited when my package from Angelic Rain arrived… just one week after I made the order?! Usually it takes 2 up to 3 weeks when I order something online that is shipped internationally and not from Germany.. but this shipment was so fast! ^_^I wanted to make a review about the GEO…

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  • Astor Volume Diva Mascara

    Juli 7, 2011

      Today I wanted to share my experience about the Astor Volume Diva Mascara Waterproof (which actually is the silver one and not pink.. but I could not get my hands on an appropriate photo of the silver one.) I bought this mascara actually because it looked so nice – shame on me! u_u“ I’m…

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  • Eos Candy Grey Review!

    Juli 2, 2011

    So a week ago I bought the cirle lenses Candy Grey from Eos via Pinkyparadise.com. This was the only shop so far who sell these kind of lenses, I was kind of surprised. But, price and shipping were okay, so I don’t have anything to reclaim :3 The lenses costs ~ 20€ and shipping was…

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  • Geo Candy Grey Circle Lense Review Coming Soon!

    Juni 24, 2011

    Yesterday, a letter from my postie arrived, that he could not find me at home and that I received my order from Pinkyparadise.com. It was my first order from there, because I read many good things about and they were sort of the only one who owned the lens I wanted! :’D I ordered the…

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