• The Girl Who Wanted To Be Real. (Outfit + Lookbook)

    August 31, 2012

    Hello my precious! How have you all be doing? I’m really happy to get so much positive feedback to my first giveaway and I hope a lot of people want to enter as time passes by! :3 The last days I was super busy with social networking; I met some friends and my boyfriend finally…

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  • Harajuku + Shibuya Haul

    Juli 26, 2012

    Hello my dear readers & new followers, first of all: I am deadly sick. Well, not deadly maybe, but I am so sick that I lost my voice today. I have some weird stuff going on in my body since last Sunday and coughed a lot but today’s hardcore shopping tour took its toll and…

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  • Harajuku Haul + OOTD + Fleamarket Gets! ♥

    Juni 12, 2012

    Although it rained cats and dogs on Saturday I went to Tokyo because my dear good friend Susann moved to Tokyo on Monday and lives now in a small apartment near Ikebukuro. I met her in March so it was not a super big reunion but nonetheless we had a looot of stuff to discuss…

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  • Accidental Dip-dye Hairstyle + Inspirational Post

    Juni 8, 2012

     First, let me welcome all my new subscribers! ♥  Thank you for more than 50 readers in such a short time, you guys & girls are awesome! ….short before my performance on the Yosakoi dance festival I wanted to retouch my roots with the Palty Sakura Doughnut hairdye. (Look at the color on the package,…

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  • Let all the colors wash me away. (Topshop Summer Collection 2012 Hitlist + Review Announcements :D)

    Mai 31, 2012

     This happens when I’m bored at home.  (BTW, I have new sunglasses in pink leopard style :D) And OMG, I got so many new subscribers, thank you all for your interest in my blog. You have no idea how happy it makes me, I can’t believe it! ♥I met awesome new people the last couple…

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  • WantWantWant! Forever 21 Wishlist Summer 2012 & other stuff

    Mai 17, 2012

     Hey, how has everybody been these days? (⌒▽⌒)☆ Since I am TOTALLY broke this month I have a huge craving for shopping. (I have a huge craving for shopping most of the time but I didn’t really did shopping since February!!! But June. And my birthday’s coming in July, which means money to get everything…

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  • Berlin → Tokyo

    Februar 20, 2012

    I’m back in tooooown! To make it short: There are no pictures or stories to tell about my 2-week-visit back home. The point I arrived my boyfriend got terribly sick and when he recovered I got sick instead. We spent Valentine’s Day laying deadly on the sofa watching one of the most bloodiest criminal I’ve…

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