• Review: Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Eyeliner in #Brown.

    Mai 29, 2014

    Hello lovelies, How are you doing? That one day when I was in Akihabara to meet a friend I passed by this small drugstore and one item caught my eye: a little table crowded with Sailor Moon-themed cosmetics. You read right. Freaking Sailor Moon-themed cosmetics! I loved Sailor Moon when I was a kid and…

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    September 22, 2013

    Hej my beloved readers, Is it as rainy and cold at your place as it is here in Berlin? Germany never had the best of weather but since the beginning of September Berlin takes the whole autumn-thing pretty serious. Rain and wind wherever I go. Usually at this time of the year I love to…

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    September 16, 2013

    Good evening my dear readers, I hope y’all’ve been doing good? I caught a cold some days ago and sit on the couch with a huge scarf wrapped around my neck. I also bought a huuuge box of menthol/eucalyptus noms since my throat is so dry I can’t barely sleep @__@ Well, I can’t complain…

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