März 10, 2013

Happy Sunday my dear readers!

Hope you all had a great week! As for my humble self… the week started great in every terms but the line decreased more and more the closer we came to the weekend T.T I have to say, I absolutely adore Berlin. It’s a great city to live in. It’s not as super big and hectic as Tokyo or New York yet not as boring as some random towns might be. Berlin has the perfect size. You can travel from West to East in 1-2 hours and do a tour of all exciting places in one day. Yet, you could also browse a week through this city and you would still have something left to do.
The only real fucked up thing about this god damn city is: The weather. T.T Oh my, please, stop! Usually it’s like this: Berlin seems as if spring has arrived, yet winter returns a hundred times before the real spring startes. As soon as the real spring started, it suddenly starts to get super hot like in humid summer or, we are punished by three months of raining and storming. Once that is over, it would be summer, meaning we probably will have about two weeks of nice summer (sun is shining by approx. 30 degrees celsius). The other 3 months it will seem as if it were already autumn or it will rain the whole time. It may even snow, you never know. Oh and when you try to enjoy the colorful leaves in autumn a storm will blow everything away in a second and answer with a snowstorm. Of course, it will never snow at Christmas. No way. 
Basically that’s how Berlin works!! I don’t know why we are punished with really strange weather here, maybe Berlin’s just in an unfortunate spot, I really don’t know. If you ask Berlin people, maybe 99% of them would wish for a real summer. But that’s not going to happen and we all know that. 
So we had peeerfectly great spring weather this week for about 5 days. It was super sunny, and reached spring like degrees about 15°C. I was so happy and couldn’t believe it, dancing around in dresses and with only a blazer. And then. Today happened T_T
Actually I wanted you to show my outfit from Tuesday but I was home very late so it was already dark outsite :/ So I decided to go for a different outfit post, showing you the difference in what I need to wear here in Berlin 😀 So here’s what I wore the last two days. I was so happy this week when I could just jump around in my pink blazer wearing only a dress and some flats underneath, it felt SO nice!

But then.. I woke up at 8AM for work and it was a fucking blizzard outside O.O It snowed since Saturday evening and didn’t stop since then. I couldn’t even see the street anymore because everything was just white. And it stormed. I couldn’t even see the street lights because it was snowing directly in my face T.T“ Berlin, Y U do this to me?? I just wished it was spring already. I freaking love spring. Everything turns green and colorful and oh my, so nice! ^-^ But nope, doesn’t look it might happen anytime soon. As I type it’s beginning to snow again. 
Before it began to snow like hell, I attended the IELTS test at the British council here in Berlin. Remember that 200 buck test I was ranting about last post? Yep, this was it. I’ll get the results in two weeks and I’ll let you know! Since it was only English I have a good feeling. I had some minor problems at listening and reading (didn’t hear some words, wasn’t sure of some answers) but all together I think it went really good. Writing and speaking part was no problem at all because I’m used to express myself in English via my blog and because I have a lot of friends and colleagues who don’t really speak German. Plus, the speaking test was really cheap… although it was academic module they asked me what I do for a living, if I have a handbag and what types of handbags I prefer etc. o_O“ So nothing really complicated, I was a bit surprised to be honest xD I am still not sure if it was enough; I need an 8 or 9 score (9 is the maximum you can achieve) so basically I need to have almost everything right XD Not sure if it was enough but we’ll see! 🙂 
Next week, I have three late shifts but I’m free until Thursday so I guess I’ll just work on my university paper, play videogames and cook some fancy stuff with my boyfriend. ^w^ Guess I’ll have the time to post something!
Hope you all had a nice weekend & wish you a happy next week!
Much love,
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