What’s In My Make-Up Bag? [★Little Twin Stars Edition★]

Mai 9, 2015

Hey There!

Now, there are some topics that are very specific to beauty blogs: Empties, Hauls and, yes, the infamous „What’s In My X Bag?“ post. I didn’t intend to do a post like this, but a sudden business at work left me with little to no time for my post so excuse me for this cheap cop-out this time. I have lots of exciting ideas already!

Just lately I realized how much stuff I was carrying around with me on a daily basis and I may be a little excessive but… hey. Everyone has their thing, right. I think my various international travels/study abroad situations have made me paranoid that I need X at my disposal all the time so I’m carrying around half my life with me on an everyday basis – thought it might be fun to share and see if someone can top me ;D (To be fair, mostly this bag waits for me at work or only comes with me on at least one-day long journeys or important meetings/exams etc.)

Isn’t this Little Twin Stars pouch just beyond adorable? I found it at a random mall in Tsukuba, Japan. Oh, I miss shopping there – they surprisingly a lot of character shops! Love how cute yet kind of „grown-up“ this bag is 🙂


 1  Small towel + hair brush with mirror in unicorn design by Japanese brand Swimmer
 2  Cleansing wipes for my glasses – I never have those with me when I really need them!

 3  Noreva Aquareva Hand Cream – gorgeous scent as all products from their Aquareva line. I cannot live without hand cream, I have a little tube in my bag, my make-up bag, my coat, next to my bed, in the living room…..

 4  The Phantom Of The Opera hand mirror I bought when watching the musical in Japan. Japan has the prettiest merchandise ever!

 5  Chewing gums (my favorite ones, Glamatic, also from Japan) and a ballpoint pen, because you never have a pen when you need one.

 6  Tampons. For obvious reasons. Nothing sucks more than not having one of those little guys as a woman.

 7  Glucose, for when your concentration lacks a good bunch. Typical student carry-around, I guess :p

 8  Throat drops in various forms – my throat is always too dry.

 9  Band-aids, because I am the clumsiest person EVER. Ask any person who ever knew me. I can’t handle this body.

10 Pain killers and other things one might need someday. Better be prepared, y’know?

11 Lip Balm! Because my throat and hands are not nearly as dry as my lips. It’s a curse.

12 Hair pins and ties as I always lose the ones that I have or they are breaking when I’m working (where I’m not allowed to have my hair down…being a barista and all..)

13 Sanitizing wipes. Sanitize ALL THE THINGS! (Learnt this from my boyfriend and my best friend who are both severe germophobes.)

….and that’s it already! ;D I admit that I carry a lot of stuff around but I swear, I need those things. All of it. I don’t feel comfortable when I wouldn’t be able to survive on my purse alone for a week (…you never know! Probably the „travelled-alone-for-too-long-syndrome“..)

I got this pretty hand mirror as a birthday present for myself – my best friend went to The Phantom Of The Opera in Tokyo with me and they sold this amazing merchandising that I just had to get it. Whenever I look at it, I remember this awesome birthday with my best friend in Japan, so it’s twice as precious to me <3
As for the chewing gums, I love those for 5 years now! I got them as a present from a friend who visited Japan when I hadn’t been there yet and I absolutely loved the sparkling package! They taste pretty good as well. …I just realized that most of the stuff I carry around is from Japan – I guess it hides the fact for me that I indeed returned to Germany for a while so I hold on to the Japanese bits in my life 🙂

What stuff do you carry around on a daily basis? Do you think this is over the top or could you even top me? :3

Lots of love,


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