Februar 6, 2013

Good evening my lovely readers,

How’s your weekend been? I haven’t done really anything much – focusing on studying and my fitness health plan to be honest! So I wanted to share with you how my second week of learning to be more fit went! 🙂 I have to say, this was an awesome week! I have done MUCH better than I thought in the beginning. I lost almost 2 kilo and therefore changed from currently 150lbs (68,4 kg) to 147lbs (66,8kg)! I didn’t think I would lose weight that fast! On the other hand, I really take the way I eat serious and I’ve been great so far. My goal for summer is to be 132-135lbs again wich is about 60-62kg 🙂 As far as I remember, that was the weight I felt most comfortable in. Everything below 143lbs / 65kg is great though! (^w^)Y
But as I told you, this isn’t only about losing weight, it’s about living a more healthy life. I have to say I’m really impressed what a change in food can to your body and mind – since I started this kinda low carb thing here, I can eat LOADS of food, still lose weight and feel full everyday, it’s amazing. Everytime I tell people that I’m trying to cut out the carbs, the answer’s the same: What the hell are you eating then?? I admit, it’s not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but a lot easier than imagined! Here’s my current Top 9 of food/drinks I love and eat most of the time.
1. Sparkling water. 2. Tomatoes. TOMATOES IN EVERY KIND OF FORM. 3.Grilled chicken.
4. Curd cheese (with berries). 5. Eggs. EGGS IN EVERY KIND OF FORM. 6. Japanese green tea.
7. Avocado (Mostly turned into guacamole). 8. Salmon/Grilled fish. 9. BANANAS!

That’s basically what kept me alive this week. Protein, veggies, fruits and a lot of tea. I think I never ate that much fish in a week. (Actually I almost never ate fish before.) The thing is; as far as I have everything at home, I’m eating like a saint. I’m that kind of person that cannot say „no“ to food if I’m hungry. I’m always eating!! As long as I have my salads and fruits at home it’s fine but as soon as there are no eggs and tomatoes or no chicken left, I’m instantly eating a whole cooking jar. So the most important thing for me is to supply myself with my precious food 🙂

Another thing I realized is: Eating healthy is expensive. I think I never spent so much on food!! No surprise most of German population is overweight – it’s so much easier to fill yourself on instant pizza than fresh food and vegetables. I pay more than 2$ for a single avocado!! :/ Speaking already of feeling I have to say I feel MUCH better since I started this. I allow myself chocolate and cookies and pasta – but in a decent amount. Sometimes. I can’t live without it but I can kinda feel how thankful my body is for all the healthy stuff it gets. 😀 Only thing I really miss is PASTA!! I used to eat pasta all day. I FREAKING LOVE PASTA. Now I can only have it once or twice a week. Meh. Maybe I should invent carb-free pasta..? (By the way, I’m trying to make a carb-free pizza tomorrow and will let you know how it turned out!!) Back to topic: When focusing on these kinds of dishes, I can eat almost as much as I want. I ate really a lot this week but still dropped a lot of weight without having to starve. Also, my cravings got a lot better compared to the first week. Let me show what I ate last week to prove that I’m a hungry monster 😀
What I ate most was tomato eggwhite omelette (I mostly use 3 eggwhite and 1/2 yolk to turn it less fat and more protein. You really can’t taste any difference 😀 ) and bananas for breakfast, green salad with chicken or fish, lots of carrots and whole wheat toast with guacamole or cream cheese (for breakfast). I was almost surprised at how much I ate this week but still lost weight and felt good ^w^ I am definitely motivated to keep it up!! These posts also are a great motivation for me because I want to show you progress and success and no excuses. Only thing that bothers me a lot are social encounters!! People always seem to eat or drink alcohol, it’s scary. Luckily almost all of my friends support me and when I had one of my friends here for DVD night she even asked if we could have salad and chicken instead of pizza. Great friends, thank you!!
I’ve also been doimg sports but I mostly focus on what I eat because I still hate to work out. I had 90 minutes of Irish Dance lesson and did a 20 minute workout twice :3 For being a lazy couchpotato that’s kinda good I guess..? Try to sign up for two dance classes next week because university sport courses are ending next week 🙂 Guess I’ll have more motivation going to dance classes than working out alone at home.. at least I hope.
I hope all of your plans are going great as well! I am highly motivated to keep it up. If there’s anything you want me to post here, say it in the comments! 🙂 Thanks for reading & have a fabulous day all of you!
Much love & Talk to you soon,
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