Mai 31, 2013

Good evening my dear readers,

This will be part two of my cousin and my Turkey diary 😀 We decided to do little photoshoots while we were there, because… well; I always need pictures for my little blog and my cousin really likes to take these for me! She actually has a lot of fun with it so I’m glad I finally found a person that supports me and my blog ^-^ (Most of my friends just… don’t care. Sad, I know.)
This was the very first „shoot“ we did although I have to say we only took like….. ten pictures. It was hot in the middle of the day and I really really wanted to jump into the sea so these pictures where the only ones that turned out quite okay :’D I think we could’ve done it better but oh.. it was so hot! That’s the reason I liked this one the least because we did it so sloppy. (Just so that you know… I think we did about 200 pictures the next day so maybe that would count for the first real shooting :D)
The thing is, I wanted to do outfit pictures on vacation because you never have that good an opportunity like this! The amazing locations, the amazing light in the afternoon… unfortunately, I didn’t bring any amazing outfits with me, because well, I planned to lay around on the beach like a fried salmon. That’s all. 
I just got the idea when I saw the amazing evening light glimpsing through our window! So it was really spontaneous and I didn’t take anything amazing with me, I hope you forgive me. So I thought… I’ll make a little chart for every outfit shoot with what I would have combined the outfit if I were at home or would have had everything at hands 🙂 
Dress: Gina Tricot, Summer Collection ’13, Sunnies: Bijou Brigitte Shoes: Primark

I was really really sad that I didn’t take a nice big and wavy summer hat with me it would’ve looked amazing! <.<“ Plus, I wouldn’t have burnt my scalp the second day… TvT“ But I have to say I loooove this dress so much! The pattern and the colors are awesome and it’s definitely super comfy yet doesn’t look too sloppy. Think I’ll wear this lots this summer (which SUMMER in Berlin??? Well that’s another story…)
I have soooooooo much to blog about I hope I don’t forget anything, I would love to just blog everything right now, aargh. I should write my bachelor’s thesis but I really really really wanna blog instead. Life is against me. Maybe I’ll write tomorrow my bachelor’s thesis… I really should.
Hope you liked this first mini shoot and prepare for more to come! ^w^
Lots of love & Talk to you soon,
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