Tokyo Day!

August 5, 2012

Hello my lovelies,

On Thursday, Pachi and I went to Tokyo again (time flies! so much to do, so little time..) this time for Akihabara and Asakusa. Pachi wanted to get some anime merchandise while I wanted to do special purikura cosplay for our anniversary (100 PURIKURA SHEETS! Call me insane, but hell yeah!) and we both wanted to get some presents for our beloved at home at the traditional stores in Asakusa. So this post will be a random bunch of pictures I took because nothing world-changing happened. I have a lot to post (next post will be a make-up post again <: ) and I’m also preparing a special purikura post which was requested by some readers.

Be aware! Blogger messed up the whole order of my pictures and I am too lazy to upload them all and write the captions again, sooo… please be creative when reading! 😀 That happens when you try to edit a post you wrote some days ago. Gna.

Sneak peek! Can you guess what characters we’re gonna be..? 😡
I saw Doraemon trains before but this was the first time I actually saw a Pokémon themed train! Love the fact that anime and games are so omnipresent in Japan, of course I had to catch this <3

Do you know what the Japanese love more than Hello Kitty?  MASH-UPS OF HELLO KITTY with other famous characters. I really don’t know why, but there are mash-ups everywhere. HK + Kirby, HK + Chopper, HK+ NGE or Hello Kitty with Sonic… I’m not a huge HK fan since I think the kitty’s pretty boring <:

So as most of you know, my roomie and I are HUGE game-center girls. When we spot a game-center we can’t help but step inside and get something or at least play some drums or do purikura. We already wanted to leave when I saw these amazing collab between Mameshiba and Kyary Pamyupamyu!! I love Mameshiba and I love the freaky collaboration they did together with Kyary. I also found an iPhone case an hour ago at Yodobashi so I was more than pleased when I found these cuties 😀

There are only three different versions here but originally Kyary designed five. We decided to get the unicorn since its position was best. However, I would really really like to get the ‚Punker‘ as well! 😀

So we tried to get it but this stupid plushie was totally against us. We couldn’t catch it with six tries, so that’s always the point when we call a staff member to make it easier for us. To be honest, usually when you call the staff, they make it so incredibly easy for you that you can get it with only one try most of the times! The staff was cooperative and made it a lot easier so that we only would need one more hit. Me, self-confident as I am, tried but……


You can’t see it that good on the picture but the plushie basically stood straight as if it was floating in the air, only like one milimeter left until it would fall and we could win it =___=““ We both were like „..are u kiddin‘ me?! Really?!“ Obviously, we would get it with the next try so we inserted another 100 Yen. I can’t even remember exactly HOW it happened, but….

..that’s how it turned out.
We got it right on the keychain and were superhappy because of our master-like ufo-catching skills, but the arms of the catcher would refuse to open and let the prize out. It just hung there very happily laughing right in our faces. This whole machine’s such a troll, I bet Kyary would’ve been very pleased!
So in total, we had to call the staff three times in a row so that we could finally get the prize xD I am still considering getting the punk version as well, it’s so cool! Btw, this is as well a keychain as it is a pouch; it has a zipper on the backside. (So you can’t really say it’s totally useless.) I am really in love with the whole series calles Mameshipamyupamyu which just launched in Japan. I would love to get an iPhone case but I „only“ own an iPod :<

Want Want Want, gnaa.
Blogger is a bit awkward today and I couldn’t paste my pictures where I wanted them to be so I added them at the bottom, I’m sorry :< I really love our special anniversary congratulations hundred purikura sheets! Hope you like them too (not that I’d care because I already LOVE them 😀 )

Sometimes you can use your other pictures as stamps for the purikura, I couldn’t resist! 😀 
As you can see…. Princess Mimi lenses are PRETTY obvious in purikura machines. I love the extreme over the top effect they give 😀
These are one of my favorites, I love all of our silly purikura the most to be honest. Sadly, we only have the right picture in very small :< 

Purikura in costumes makes it thousand times more fun 🙂

That’s all I have to share today, but already working on another post, so keep tuned! ^__^/ On Saturday was a huge firework festival in our neighborhood and I watched it together with some people from my dancing group <3 Unfortunately, we had to give up all our other weekend plans (hiking up Mt. Fuji!) because Pachi is everyday in a kinda bad physical condition. Starting tomorrow, I have training everyday for my last performance in Japan. I try to update you guys as soon as possible, so I say THANK YOU again to all my precious readers and hope you liked this post from my daily life! 🙂

Until next time,
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