Sleek Au Naturel Palette – Review & Natural Smokey Eye FOTD

Februar 22, 2015

Good evening everyone,

Although it’s still February, it is extremely warm and sunny in Germany this winter! Usually it’s very cold/dark/grey from January to March, sometimes even April but it seems as if we’re a bit more lucky this year. With years where we had -20°C in Berlin, I couldn’t be more happy! It makes waking up much more nice when the sun laughs in your face instead of grey almost-molten snowy mud. Go Winter Germany!
I have a big spot for the eyeshadow palettes of Sleek in my heart as I always thought that they are great value for their money. One of my most used palettes so far has been the Oh So Special palette, which has been the only palette that I brought with me when I studied abroad! So far, their shimmer shadows have been amazing as well as the dark matte shadows. I have been disappointed with the lighter matte colors so I was curious to see how this palette fares! Also I created a little „family dinner appropriate“ natural smokey eye using this palette 🙂

Packaging is sleek (haha, dat pun.) as always with 12 shades in two rows. My cousin picked this up for me when she was in London last year but you can get them for 9,90€/palette in various online shops. I really loved the colors they picked for this palette as it is a bit more dark and earthy than the Oh So Special. I didn’t do swatches because there are literally so so many swatches already online. Here’s one which I thought represented best the shadows in the palette:
As you can see, the light matte shades are more than disappointing. I really hoped this would be better but actually those shades are worse than the Oh So Special 🙁 They aren’t pigmented at all, not even when I try to apply them wet. The Nubuck and Cappuccino are almost impossible to get to a somewhat decent opaque level, Nougat works okay as a base or to lighten the inner eye corner. The two sand/orange shades almost look identical which is too sad as Toast looks amazing in the pan. The stars from Au Naturel are def. shimmer shadows as Taupe, Mineral Earth and Conker (the swatch here doesn’t do it justice) but also Regal is amazing! So far I put the bottom row to good use plus Taupe and I tried to use the lighter matte shade in today’s look but, ah. I really really wish they were at least a tiny little bit more pigmented 🙁
For this look, I used Nougat, Nubuck, Bark and Regal to create a somewhat halo effect around the eyes without going too dark.
I actually really like Bark and Regal for the undereye area, it’s less harsh than pure black but still blends well with the black eyeliner 🙂
Although this look turned out quite well in my opinion the light matte shadows were a paaaain to work with, ugh. Nougat kept disappearing on me and the light grey I used is barely visible. It’s a shame because the initial color selection is really pretty. I will happily use all darker and shimmer shades but won’t purchase any Sleek palettes with half or more matte shadows as those don’t seem to be their strength. I still think the palette is worth it’s money even if I end up using only half of the shades as their palettes are incredibly inexpensive with around 10€ for 12 colors 🙂 I’m so happy they are readily available in Germany now too!

I had a super lazy weekend with my boyfriend – we played games, took naps on the couch and watched some episodes from Game of Thrones. Oh and I made an awesome pasta ragu that will serve today as lasagna. Yes for lazy weekends! I really really hope the sun will shine tomorrow so I can film another Youtube video tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks for reading and enjoy those last hours of Sunday!

Lots of love,


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