[Review!] Geo Nudy Golden Blue ♥

September 4, 2011

Soo as I posted yesterday my cam crashed while taking photos of these awesome lenses and thats the reason why I’m a bit late with the review :3 I ordered them via Angelic Rain which was extremely comfy! As soon as I placed the order I got an e-mail that my item was shipped. It arrived just after one week which is awesome from the U.S. to Germany! I was so surprised ^_^ The lenses came in a bubble wrapped envelope with a little gift [glittery necklace], some instruction papers and a discount code for my next order. These lens was also extremely cheap, 20$ a pair! Great deal, I’d def. would recommend to buy again via that store! Happy customer, yay! (:

Onto the lens itself: its said that the diameter is 14.0 mm but I just can’t believe that because they make my eye look HUGE. I got Geo Angel Gray in 14.0 mm and EOS Candy Gray in 14.5 mm but these lenses wouldn’t enlarge my eyes as great as these lenses! :3 When I first put them in, I was really disappointed because I couldn’t notice any difference in size and color. But as you look onto the photo I was wrong, enlargement can be pretty good seen.

One in and one without <:

What I adore about these lenses if that they perfectly match my natural eye color! I’m just seeking for enlargement and no color because I love my eye color given by nature. [only thing I was always proud of!] First I was disappointed because I thought ‚What? No color difference?‘ But then I realized it as a good thing because they turned into my perfect everyday lenses ♥ [Well.. ‚everyday‘ may sound a bit exaggerated because I don’t wear my lenses that often. Mostly when hanging out with friends, randomly at work or university.] Some photos of wearing these lenses on a sunny afternoon:

Always surprised how different I look with long & short hair! Long hair is the real version though.

Yay finally she smiles! Although it’s a weird one..

So I really enjoy wearing these lenses! They don’t look that obvious fake on me as the other two did which makes me really happy. Enlargement can be clearly seen, even my boyfriend noticed on first sight. [He doesn’t like circle lenses though.] As for the comfort they are not as comfy as they could be. I wore them for 6 1/2 hours and it was okay. I attended a firework in the night and I got little problems with the lighting. It really bothered my eyes and they watered a bit. It wasn’t that bad but I did not endure this with EOS Candy Gray. But I’m used to this because my Geo Angel Gray was the same – great in daylight but troublesome when it comes to artificial light on the street.

Nevertheless these are def. best lenses I purchased until now because they suit my face and eyeshape. I don’t look alien [I hope at least >__<] but nice enlarged. I would recommend to buy these lenses if you have light blue eyes by nature like me!

Short Version:
Comfort: 7/10  
Color: 10/10!
Design: 8/10  [nothing special but natural looking!]
Enlargement:10/10 [as I like natural ones :3 ]

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