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Januar 12, 2012
Today was the last day of „real“ exercise and lessons in university. What’s coming now are seven days full of exams and sacrifices; some days I have four final exams of different courses eight hours in a row. Dear Japan; I’m a lazy student from Germany, I’m not used to this! .___.““ Only good thing is, that it’s over in a week. Examination time in Germany can last one or even two months; I never had exams despite Japanese language and the first general courses everybody had to pick. The rest consisted of writing reports, making presentations, comprehension & differentation and so on.
Really looking forward to February, 5th 2012: I will return to Berlin for two weeks to see my boyfriend and family and all other friends! I’m afraid I won’t meet everybody I want to, I just know so many people who are precious to me ._. Which is a good thing of course (: My boyfriend’s mother gave me the airplane ticket as a present before I left for Japan because she thinks that we would break up when we won’t see each other for such a long time xD“ It’s soo nice of her, I love her for that. Think we would make it through anyways though… but it’s A LOT easier if you know it’s not a year, we’ll meet again after five months. It helped me a lot to not get any depressions here (I’m a superextragiant family-and-friends-human-being. I cannot stand being alone and I literally shrink inside when they’re not around.) I made some good friends here too, but it’s hard to not meet the people who truly understand you and know who you are. We never even skyped because everybodys working ‚til late and the time difference is plus eight hours. Sometimes it’s tough although I’m really enjoying this year here! But I’ll look forward to those two weeks when I’ll be back to all my sweethearts. 

Trying the my new Diamond Lashes „Angel“ Series I bough on sale in Harajuku. Look  great in pics but disappointing in real life; like the legs of a spider coming out of my eye ;_; *gasp
I miss taking pictures but my roommate is always with me and don’t wanna act like a narcistic whore, taking pictures of herself 24/7. (Which I am but she doesn’t need to know XD) Despite this, the Japanese weather confuses me. From September until end of November was summer with 28°C, and then the endless autumn began. It’s now midth of January and I’m still able to walk just in a jumper through the campus. o_o“ It’s not snowing, not even close, and it didn’t rain for months now. I’m glad that it’s not super-freezing cold (‚cause the dorm where I live is older than my parents and inside it’s always cold u_u“) but my biological rythm (or whatever it’s called) is really confused because of the lack of winter o__o“ I don’t have the feeling that time is flowing but I’ll remember maybe when the summer’ll be back as suddenly as he disappeared.

By the way, I have a lot of plans for the ti me after the examination time is over and for the rest of time I’ll spend in Japan! Some things are for the very near future, other’s are still cloudy and up in the air if I’ll achieve them or not in time. Just wanted to share with you! (:

! Get my nails done in a professional salon for the first time. Wanting this for a long span of time now, think I’ll go for it right before going back to Germany so everything’s looking fine (:
! Enter an onsen (natural hot spring) as long as it’s „winter“
! Do 100 sheets of Purikura until leaving Japan. Pachi and I are actually at 35.
! Visit Kyoto and Osaka (plans for late spring ‚cause we’re all busy in Tokyo/Germany whole Feb. + Mar.)
! Finish to remember and exercise the first Yosakoi dance soon so I’ll be able to performance
! Go to watch and picknick under the blooming Sakura (cherry blossoms) in Tokyo!! EVERY FCKN DAY!! (once in a lifetime..)

…just some of the things I’m really looking forward to do/achieve (:

Tomorrow will be the 新年会 (shinnenkai) of my Yosakoi club which is a meeting/party to celebrate the New Year. It’s very common in Japan and there are several of them like, one for your family, one with your „regular“ friends, one with your soccer club.. it’s very important to Japanese people as far as I noticed. So the Yosakoi members invited me to come since I joined the club a month ago ^__^ Yosakoi is a traditional Japanese dance, you’ll find a lot at Google or Youtube about it. Didn’t know about that before but I wanted to more sports and I love dancing and culture in Japan so I’m glad to experience one of the more traditional things. I hope to finish the first dance soon because we’ll have a performance at end of January. I fear I won’t be good enough until then, but we’ll see. I end with a picture of my Yosakoi club performing in Ikebukuro last year (: Everyone have a good time!

I do love these guys so much, they enclosed me so warmly into their circle although I was new and my Japanese is faaaar from being perfect.
P.S. I installed Disqus as commentar-writing-engine on my blog ‚cause it’s much more convenient and I can easilier answer all your questions. Therefore, older comments won’t be displayed ;_; (But I imported them to my account, they’re not lost! 😀 )
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