New Lenses and my roommates birthday!

Oktober 30, 2011
Gnaa, it really freakes me out that I have so much to blog about and so little time to do it. Every day is like a rush and when I turn around the clock is displaying midnight; which is just not fair! I need a 30-hour-day at least. Time is ticking faster in Japan.
I finally decided to try the Apple Green Lenses from the Princess Mimi Serious because I was so curious about the outcome; moreover I only own grey lenses so far which I thought looked all plain boring. I also wanted to use these lenses for Halloween if they turn out too creepy xD But I have to say I fell in love with these lenses. They are one of the most comfy lenses I ever wore; first time they started itching after two hours but this could be due to the heating in the train and the cold outside; I guess my eyes dried out a bit. (MEMO. Need to buy eyedrops soon.) So here’s the outcome! I won’t review them because it’s unnecessary to recycle things which are already reviewed to death.
No make-up and one lense. As you see my real eyecolor is rather pale.

Both without make-up which is just creepy. It looks so unbalanced >:

Final outcome; I LOVE the color of these lenses. Would’ve been better if these would’ve been a bit lighter though.

Off shot: Don’t take yourself so serious, Babe!
So I think the green color matches me kinda well, I’m glad! (Because this lens is kinda expensive here in Japan. But; no 3 weeks to wait for, took only 2 days of delivery 😀 Since I came to Japan I’m doing a lot of onlineshopping because its so freaking fast.)
Onto another topic; my beloved roommate had birthday on Thursday! Because we’re far far far away from home I tried my best so she has a nice birthday abroad.
I prepared a little birthday-table in our room because my mom did this every year for me.
Because we’re living a bit in the countryside of Japan there is not that much amusement here. So we went for Hon-Atsugi, a small town which is 4 stations away from where we live. There I planned to go to a cheap restaurant with astonishing food! Some friends once took me there and the food is just amazing for the price. (like 700 Yen for every menue.)
My choice; fried chicken with Kyabetsu, egg, rice, miso soup and tsukemono.

My roommate was craving for ebi, some sort of shrimp, because I’m cooking for us and I hate seafruit <:

Raw tuna on rice with soba noodles; choice of a friend
There was also something called „Fatty Horse“ but…. we didn’t dare to try lol
Me and my roommate in the back; some Italian and Korean girlfriends from our dorm <3
After that we went for Karaoke and making Purikura (as always, we never get tired of it) and had to climb through a window when the sun was about to set; our dorm closes every day at 11PM but… you can call someone to open the window of the kitchen for you :’D  Very nice evening and I hope my roommate had a nice day as well!
Purikura stamps…. roommatie is always too slow >:

Myun & Federica

With So Young, such a nice girl. We’re great fans of her!
Okay I’m promising I’m back tomorrow with a Halloween post! My Halloween experince was kinda… special. Not in the good meaning, but at least I survived, haha. From Tuesday on we have a great University Festival where all nations for example have to cook some traditional food…. of course we are supposed to cook some German food. It will be hard to take; we are supposed to cook for more than 700 people. In the end there will be a firework which I’m looking forward to, I love fireworks! Won’t update during the week but hopefully at the weekend then. (:
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