März 4, 2013

Dear lovely readers,

How have you all been?! I seriously need to check back with every blog I usually read, I didn’t have the time to read entries for two or three weeks u_u“ I hardly have time for anything since my daily planner is crashing down due to overload. I need to write my research paper, learn for English exam, work, have a social life and some other private duties every day of the week. There isn’t a single day where I don’t need to be somewhere. Anybody wants or need something from me. While this can be nice, I would love to have a free day. Soon, please. Although I love social encounters and work and all that stuff I really need a break (Funny thing is, I’m supposed to have lecture free time from university but it’s not really working that way.)
I had off from work on Saturday (because I INSTISTED) but of course there were some places where I needed to be. First, I used a bit of freetime in my schedule to finally go to the hairdresser. Honestly, I felt so extremely uncomfortable the whole February because my roots were showing and I just disliked my hair in general. I tweaked the whole style a bit because I didn’t wanna go for a huge yet noticable change. I turned.. mh yeah, what shade exactly? Copper blonde? Warm honey something blonde? Decide for yourself, here’s the result:
Almost completely blonde. I loooove this shade. You can’t see it in these pictures, but my roots are a light copper shade. The thing with this color is; we achieved it half a year ago when we dyed my already copper dyed hair blonde. You can’t just bleach this color to your hair. And you certainly cannot bleach just your normal hair because it would turn just normal white blonde. Pale as I am, I really wanted a warm shade for summer! So actually my hairdresser has to dye my roots copper, so that when she renews the color when it’s grown out she can bleach this copper blonde into my hair XD A bit complicated but so worth it! 😀 Plus I like it that way because my natural hair color is such a dark brown, it just doesn’t look that messy if it grows out with all the strands in my hair. I like that it’s more even than with the dip-dye I had (I just didn’t get comfy with it. Nobody of my friends understood that it was supposed to look grown out! XD )

……but to a completely different thing! Later that day, I accompanied my boyfriend to a Fight Night which was happenening in our area. He’s doing Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for two years now and he wanted to attend his very first fight!! Therefore he needed lots of support. From my humble self. And his older brother. Unfortunately, we went there quite early at 7 PM but he shouldn’t fight until 11:30 PM u___u““ We didn’t knew beforehand who would fight when. So I had to watch aaaaall the fights which happened before. Saw lots of Karate, Kickboxingm MMA and Boxing that night and lots of blood XD (Damn, that one boxer guy was a machine!!) It’s okay, I’ve done Martial Arts myself when I was a kid I just didn’t know I would spend all Saturday night in that little smelly place, lol xD Niko’s older brother Joschi was supposed to take some pictures because I didn’t have a single one of us two since I came back from Japan but they all turned out blurry ;_; 
The fate of having a good camera. Nobody knows how to handle it. I somehow like it though ^^ My boyfriend was rreeeeaaally nervous. He never shows it, but I knew. He almost went berserk because he wanted to fight but was extremely nervous xD But then, when he thought he was safe, they skipped some fights and all of a sudden he had to fight :< He was so good though! I never saw him fight before but he really had lots of technique as so had his ‚enemy‘. It was a really good fight!
…tried to take pictures but nothing good came out of it without flash ;D I was so fevered when I watched the fight, I didn’t want my bf to get hurt! >__<„“ He didn’t get any bad injuries though, just lots of cuts and bruises xD Unfortunatley he didn’t win the fight. He won first round, the other one won the second round and in round three my boyfriend was just too exhausted. Everybody said it was a really good fight so I was really proud of him! ^_^ And I was happy he survived XD The best part was, that, after the fight, a prominent German actor came over to him to gratulate him for the good fight he did! 😀 That made him even prouder. For my German readers: It was Jürgen Vogel 😀 I really like him, he’s such a good actor (and a nice person, he was there with his children). 
So that was some special and exciting Saturday evening. I hope Niko doesn’t want to join another fight anytime soon because my nerves and my heart needs to recover! It’s 3 AM again and I’m going to have dance lessons tomorrow so… maybe should get some sleep. I hope you all are doing well! <3
Love & Talk to you soon!
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