My Piercing Story & New In: Sparkly Jewelry.

Mai 31, 2015

Good evening everybody!

Today’s post is a little bit different then usual; I’ve recently gotten some cool new piercing jewelry and I thought I’d share with you all! I usually don’t talk about my piercings much in here but they are kind of a big part of who I am (I have 14 in total) and I wouldn’t want to miss them! My mom always thought I would grow out of piercings when I left puberty behind but nope, I love mah piercings. She hoped in vain. Since it’s a common asked question: No, I don’t have any tattoos; I like them but am a bit too indecisive when it comes to eternal ink on my body. 🙂
My first piercing that I got was the nostril when I was 14. Yep, that is quite a young age and I was probably the only one in a long time in school who had a piercing since the whole trend was starting a bit later than that. Unfortunately for my mom, I became quite hooked: I got my ears pierced to oblivion, got a tongue piercing when I was 15 (now that I think of it that is a super young age for that kind of piercing and my mom was protesting for a year before she allowed me to do it – it is one of my favorite piercings! It was so painful though…). I was probably the coolest kid in my school, haha. At least I liked to think so. 😀 
I had a lip piercing from 16 – 17 but since I got problems with my teeth I took it out. I miss it to this day… since I was so sad about my lip piercing loss, I got my eyebrow pierced instead. You gotta cope somehow with a tragic loss, ya know. My septum was my birthday present from my piercer (we were good friends back then, I mean, I was constantly there to get something done anyways..and I probably had a tiny little crush on him anyways…) and then.. it kinda stopped. I only got one more ear piercing but I figured it was enough and to be honest, it’s not as if I had a lot of space left. Also, I didn’t want too many piercings in my face as it’s such a hassle to take them out for a job. I am still hoping I will find a fulltime job later that allows me to have them :/ I really wish society were more egalitarian when it came to individual appearance but well, that’s a whole other story. In the meantime, I am always on the hunt for new cool piercing designs that are a bit different and am happy to share with you my newest finds!

E A R   P L U G (Handmade, Etsy)
I really like the combination of creepy and elegant! The dangling pearl is a nice touch but not too much and it’s even comfortable when sleeping 🙂 This one was handmade by a lovely girl on Etsy and when she posted on her Facebook that she only had one left, I knew that I had to get it or would regret it later. To my surprise, I received a pair! So I gave the other one to my best friend who has the same size as me as I only have an ear plug on one side. Like her. We have friendship ear gauges, yep, that is totally a thing.
S E P T U M   C L I C K E R  (Ebay)
For the longest time, I had a huge issue with my septum piercing: I lov seamless rings but I can’t take them out by myself without almost destroying the ring every time. On the other hand, the ball-closure ones are easy to put in or out but… I don’t think they suit me very well. So for the most part of my working life, I was wearing a horseshoe ring that is easy to hide but that I personally just hate to wear because it always hangs askew. ALWAYS!! So when I found these easy to remove, seamless septum clickers it was love at first sight! Plus, it was only 5 bucks on Ebay 😀
Some FOTD’s I recently shot with my new jewelry inside. I just freaking love how it is visible yet not too in your face at the same time. (And a bit more, I don’t know… „elegant“ than the regular ones?) The gems look super sparkly in real life and I love that it always hangs how it is supposed to be! I will very likely look into other septum clickers in the future as I am super happy with this one :3
Although this topic is very different from the ones I usually post, I hope some of you found this to be interesting still! 🙂 Have a happy start into the new week everyone! <3
Lots of love,
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