Dezember 27, 2013

Hello my precious!

I hope you all survived Christmas time and had relaxing and cozy days! 🙂 I visited my father on Christmas Eve where we killed half a bottle of rum and a bottle of sparkling wine and then went to visit his best friend that I know since my earliest childhood. On the 25th we went to dinner with my boyfriend’s parents which is always lovely, and today my mom invited us for dinner. So very cheap three days foodwise! I certainly need some light dishes now afterwards because in Germany, Christmas is all about a loooot of meat. So I might nag on some vegetables and salads next days 😀
I did not receive all my Christmas presents yet so I thought about the posts I could do and decide to sum up my favorites in beauty for this year! I actually did not buy as much stuff as I used to due to my skin problems and also I was quite lucky to find some products I really loved and stick to them 🙂 So here they are!
SLEEK „OH SO SPECIAL“: I bought this together with my cousin in London, therefore, it always reminds me of our little trip together which was really cool 🙂 I love the colors, the texture is insane, the shadows are buttery yet have little fallout – I used this for every single day I was working, best „nude“ palette I own! I will definitely repurchase this since I’m always run out of my favorite shadows here 🙂
MAC STUDIO FIX CONCEALER (NC20): I wanted something to conceal my red spots and my dark shadows under the eye and they gave this at the MAC counter to me – and I loooove it. It really goes a long way, I use mine now 3/4 year and I think I might be able to complete a full year before I completely run out. The coverage is insane and I will definitely repurchase this again <3
MAJOLICA MAJORCA DROP GEL TOP COAT: This is a leftover from Japan. You use it as a top coat and then your nails transform into awesome almost gel-nails! It is the best top coat I ever owned, your polish dries in seconds when applying this on top and ohhhh it feels so good!
MAYBELLINE PURE MINERAL BB CREAM: I also got this from Japan and I don’t quite remember why I bought it, but… it’s the best BB cream I tried so far! I always use it when I’m not in the mood for a lot of make-up but still need some decent coverage. I never had breakouts from this, the coverage is medium and I just love this very decent priced (10€) product.
ZOEVA „BLACKEST BLACK“ CAT EYE PEN: My review for this eyeliner was just few weeks before but I am insanely in love with this. I tried some other eyeliners but none can match the quality of this. The price is insane (5€!!) and the superthin tip stays sturdy ‚til the very end. HIGH recommendation. Only downside: You have to buy this online 🙁
I checked and you can get all these products via EBAY! If you have a friend in the UK or Japan, I would recommend you ask them to send it since it might be a bit cheaper ;D I certainly will restock some items when I’m going to Japan again in March! If you have any questions regarding my favorites, just drop me a message! Tomorrow I will be travelling around Berlin to hopefully dive into After-Christmas-Sale when everyone’s working and visiting my fellow ex-colleagues at Starbucks 🙂 Have a great day! 
Lots of love,
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