Oktober 5, 2013

Hej dear readers,

….I somehow forgot to post this! Eeek, how embarrassing!

I’ve been recently reaaaallyy short on money (due to my humble self moving to a new city next month Monday!!!) so I decided to give my local Primark another go. I am not a huge fan of Primark because #1 the quality sucks. Mostly. #2 No matter how much they stress everything is produced regarding ethical standards and stuff I just CAN’T believe it when I look at the price. How can shoes for 3€ be produced ethically right? Yeah. You get my point.
On the other hand, I really doubt that such brands as H&M, F21 or Zara are better, they just have better marketing and pricey items, that’s all. Pretty sure most things even come from the same producer and just find their ways into different stores. To keep a complicated matter short: I try to buy as ethical as I can and as my money allows. I will visit Primark when I’m short on money and buy quality products when I have the means to. That’s my way of dealing with it – what’s yours?
So I never buy any clothing at Primark because, as I said before, the quality more or less sucks and the cuts are just weird. And the textiles are so thin! I just like to browse through accessoiry, the living corner, shoes and goodies like nail polish and other little stuff. :3
Tights / 3€  Shoes 8€

I wear a lot of tights but my 40den tights are getting more colder everyday so I bought a warmer pair. They even had 300den, wow! I usually use 120den when it’s really cold in February but I’ve never even seen 300den in any store… might try it if the winter gets that cold. (I hope not.) And how cute are these shoes? I just had to get them! I love colorful low-cut sneakers and these are perfect. I don’t really own any chucks or vans anymore so these were a good investment I think. Plus, they will add a bit more color to my „gloomy“ outfits of autumn! (mostly black ^^)
Hello Kitty Shoe Socks 4.50€ / Hot-water Bottle 6€
…Okay. Despite all the grungy clothes, the red hair and all my studs, I absolutely love over-the-top cute stuff. It’s as if two souls are living in this body, Idk so I HAD to buy these Hello Kitty slippers… you wouldn’t believe just how SOFT they are. If there would be a possibility to touch something via the internet I’d totally enable it here. My bf and I have one hot-water bottle at home but he totally refuses to give it to me for Bonn so I bought my own. It’s even better than the one we have at home.. 😀

 I’m nervous about moving but these items will comfort me so that it won’t be so weird for me there. I have a lot of stuff already in the apartment set up but I want to take some personal items with me to feel at home.

Wish you all a happy weekend!
Lots of love,


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