Lipstick Love (Cosme 24h Taste Me Lipstick in Cranberry Juice Review)

Juli 19, 2012
Good evening precious readers,
I love alliterations, so here we go with clichée blog post name! ‚yay‘ This is a very special post for me, since I bought my very first lipstick EVER in my life! It may not sound like a big deal to you, but for me, at current age twenty-three it kinda is. I never ever liked lipsticks but I am turning into a super-hyper-lipstick-fanatic the more I dive myself into that topic. (And I might even say some of my recent blogger friends might have had some drastic influence on me..) So what I bought short before my birthday was the Cosme 24h Tatse Me Lipstick in the shade „Cranberry Juice“.

The Cosme 24 Taste Me Line comes in eight different shades, most of them being pale nude and peach tones and the shade I picked being the darkest shade of their range. What I wanted for starters, was a bright ‚pure‘ red, with not being too neon or loud for the beginning. I have no idea what my undertones could be (although I’d assume I am rather cold… I mean, my skin basically is white. Like… zombie-white. How could I be warm?) So I wanted to stay away from all the pinks and oranges until I know which could suit me, plus my actual haircolor is super difficult when it comes to lipstick or blush. I used orange blush the whole time before I dyed before just to see afterwards that orange-based blush can’t go along with bright pink hair. That’s the main reason why I wanted to try a „neutral“ red. :3

The Cosme 24h Taste Me line just launched in Japan, all their products have black & white polkadot packaging which I personally find very appealing. I wandered around the beauty corner for about an hour and always came back to this lipstick, so I bought it although I personally think it’s on the pricey side… was it worth it? Let’s see!

I’m still very unsure how to describe the color, to be honest. It’s a nice red shade which is not too loud, with a hint of earthy colors to it. It looks a bit strange with my bright pink hair; Actually it looks best when my hair is a bit washed out to a pinkish red tone in week two or three. (When I bought it my hair was already extremely washed out, to be honest.) Cosme 24h claims to last superlong without smudging away and comes at a rather high price with 2700 Yen each. (about 27$)
To be honest; the color was extremely hard to catch with my camera. It was always non-visible or the color was total off. Maybe I’m still not as good using my camera as I would like it to be! :3 However, the right picture is really close to what the color looks like in real life. I personally really like this color and am happy with my first choice of color! The color’s visible and vibrant, however, it doesn’t scream into your face. I’m still a bit shy over lipstick ( and paranoid, I always think I have it all over my face o_o“) but I do like this color very much. 

For some reason the color’s not really visible in all pictures which were no total close-ups of my face =_=“

I was unsure which color would suit the lipstick so I just went for bold black eyeliner. As much as I love the color, I have to say that the lipstick itself isn’t really that great (if you consider the price!) It wears off quite soon if you’re not careful enough (drinking is practically not possible) and I got the feeling that it dries out my lips quite a bit. Since Cosme 24h really claims to last a long time I am disappointed with this product when it comes to how long it lasts. Because I do enjoy the colors so much I’ll use it, however, it’s still my very first lipstick! :DD Would I buy it again? For that price, definitely no.
Speaking of which, I am currently obsessed with the thought to stock up and begin my lipstick collection! When browsing other blogs I found these pretties from Maybelline Jade, and I am sooo excited for these. I especially fell in love with the color third in row, which is called Ravishing Rouge. it’s basically my hair color in lipstick form, lol. As soon as I get home I’ll def. get this color, I NEED. The others may not look as promising to you, but the swatches from these babies were just awesome. I’ll do some myself as soon as I can lay my hands on these babies! 🙂

Top 4 favorite colors from the Maybelline Superstay Line. If I had to chose one, it would be Ravishing Rouge (third from left) OMG that color, was love at first sight. It’s berry, but still red with a hint of pink, I LOVE IT.
Since we already got that far, let me introduce my favorite lipbalms I recently used a lot! To be honest, the Maybelline Baby Lips really caught me with their packaging, it looks like a colorful graffiti, I couldn’t resist! They were very reasonable priced too (3$). I own the pink one (who would’ve thought!) which is Mango Pie scent. Love the scent, the hydrating is average I’d say, nothing special. I accidentally got the Natural Honey Lip Balm, because it sticked to another product I wanted to buy and didn’t notice, so I got this for free! So lucky! I really do love this product, it smells and tastes like honey, but is much more liquid and not as sticky as real honey. I also got the feeling that this product really helps me a lot (my lips are dry very often :< ) I also scrub my lips once in a while with my electric tooth brush to keep them smooth ♥
I am currently having exams, but luckily I finished everything today except for handing in one report tomorrow and having one final exam next Thursday. I am trying to maximize my stay in Japan the last three weeks, my roomie and I wrote a list what we need to do before going home… absolutely no time for laying around lazy in our cave as usual -sigh- I have a lot of Yosakoi performances and dates with all my friends I made here, but I hope to post as frequent as possible. How are you all doing these days?
Love & See you next time,
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