Juli 19, 2013

Hey my dear readers,

I hope you’re still reading this since I’ve been silent for quite some time. I was super super busy with writing and planning things to work out in the end so I thought a little update on my life would be nice for you to read 🙂 Actual picture to proof that I’m alive:
Fresh after the hairdresser 😀 Do you think I should keep the color..? It’s really hard to maintain because my hair is growing fast and my roots are showing so soon ;_; I thought about chopping my hair off again and maybe going dark again…. ah, but I really don’t know .___.““
I finally finished my bachelor’s thesis (YAAAAAAAAAY!).  125 pages, over 100 footmarks and there’s just so much blood and sweat in it, I can’t believe I’m done. Actually my friends and my bf had to stop me because I always kept doing changes and do something different again and again and again… you can always make it better! But I had to stop somewhen. Plus, I really need to give this in because I need my certificate before the end of September for the university in Japan.  If you wondered what I wrote about…. it’s the translation and annotation of an ethic’s textbook (100 pages) from 1942. Yes, I translated that whole god damn thing. Sooo much trouble. But worth the effort since there is a lot of Nationalism going on in that time which I, academically speaking, find very interesting. 🙂

Sorry for bad pic, it’s almost dark outside but I didn’t wanna wait another day… :3 The title is „Of Good Children (yoi kodomo) and the Cultivation of the Self (shûshin) An Ethics Reading Primer for the First and Second Year of Primary Education 1942.“ I did print it out today and made 4 copies (3 to give in, one for myself… because.. I didn’t write a freaking half of a year and then never see that damn thing again, no no.) I have to say…. I’m so proud of myself!!! ^____^ It feels sooooo good. I will give it in on Monday and hopefully get my certificate somewhen in late August or September.
Despite that, I was on the hunt for a flat in Bonn! That was soooo nervwrecking and exhausting for me. I have lived with my mom like always and then just moved with my boyfriend so I never had the trouble of looking for a flat… I first wanted to share a flat with others (because: cheaper, I thought) but Bonn is just sooo expensive they wanted 450€ for a room(!) in a flat with others. Dear lord, no. I had lots of Skype and email chats but I finally found a really really nice flat for myself! ^-^ Actually it’s sublease; it’s a house where a mother lives with his son but she sublets a part of the house (2 rooms, bathroom and cooking corner) for single use so it is basically a flat. I mailed with the mother back and forth and she seemed a really sweet person I so look forward to live there! Also, it’s only 6 kilometers away from the university and I might be able to go there by bicycle everyday 🙂  
Although I had quite some busy times preparing for my master’s course (and finishing my bachelor’s degree) it’s so fulfilling to actually do and accomplish something. I feel great. The trouble was so worth it. I have a lot to blog about, and since I will be on vacation soon to relax I’ll write a handful of posts beforehand, it’s been silent for long enough here! 🙂 
I hope you’re all doing great and I miss talking to you all!
Lots of love,
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