Life in Japan for the next 10 months.

September 21, 2011
I’m so sorry that I didn’t blog for a long time. I wanted to blog but was extremely busy since the day I arrived in Japan. Some interesting facts about my journey:
It was the most horrible flight EVER.

When all my friends, family and my boyfriend were at the airport was the most heartbroking thing I’ve ever endured. I got the feeling that I leave them behind alone so I felt really bad. Because of the hard „saying goodbye“-thing we nearly missed our flight from Berlin to Paris!! O_O Although we weren’t that late. Much more worse, when we were on the way to Paris I noticed that the women from the Boarding Area gave me the wrong ticket! She gave me the Paris ticket only but not the most important ticket to Narita!! My nerves crashed completely but the steward explained that it is not a great deal if you have enough time to change at the airport. Luckily we had 4 1/2 hours at the Paris airport but I was completely done because of the emotional stress I’ve gone through. The flight itself was on delay in Paris so we waited 6 hours completely and then flew another 11 hours right to Tokyo. The journey’s still not over here: It was SUPERHOT when we arrived at Narita airport. Our bags were superheavy but we managed to Shinjuku. There we took the train to our university..unluckily, we did not knew that only the first 6 cars of the train were leaving for Odawara and the others were not. No question we sat in the very last train and noticed it when arriving in Yamato -__-“ We then reached our university by taxi because it’s on a hill and we were just superexhausted. It took us nearly 30 HOURS from Berlin to our dormitory. The next day, we slept for 15 hours and gained back energy 😀

This is the way we travelled with more than 30 kilo each in our bags.. -.-
I made a loooot of photos since we arrived but I am too lazy to upload them here. So if you’re interested in our dormitory, the campus etc please view my previous entry on the german blog: here.

I’m on a neverending quarrel with the internet here: We have no W-Lan or any other similar things but we have Proxy. I think I used Proxy on my very first computer when I was… 12 or something like that. It’s horrible because either MSN nor Skype functions. So it’s really hard to keep in touch :'( Sometimes I can used my roommate’s Mac because there everything goes well ._.““Gnaa. Maybe we’ll buy a W-Lan router soon…

Yesterday was the entrance ceremony and the Japanese placement test. The test really was… ridiculous. We had to fill out a Hiragana list o___O“ If you aren’t capable of writing Hiragana you can’t write anything down in Japanese!! The other parts were listening and comprehension and grammar. But the grammar part was shit because they only asked for the use of particles like „ha“ „ga“ „ni“ etc. and nothing else. I experienced the test as being super-unbalanced.  But whatever, I’m in the intermediate class now which is okay. I’m in class 4 out of 8 classes; 1 is best and 8 is lowest. So 4 is not that bad. It’s my favorite number by the way! 

Today my roommate and I wanted to go to the city hall in Hiratsuka because we need the Alien Registration Card.. otherwise we won’t be able to buy a mobile phone here! And we definitely need a phone. So so badly. But maybe you heard in the news that there’s a great Taifun running over Japan so we just stayed at our dormitory. [For now the Taifun isn’t that bad. But it’s not over yet.] Very very boring day. So hopefully we can go tomorrow after organization stuff is over! Just a few photos randomly of the last days (^_^)/

Of course we took Purikura as soon as possible! This really is my favorite thing in Japan. 😀

With the Korean girls living on the same floor as us. My roommate may look scary but she’s a very nice girl! I have to lose some pounds I guess… @__@“““

With Stefan. We went together to University and studying together in Japan now <:
All who study overseas at Tôkai Daigaku this term. Guess where I am? The only one between the Koran crowd xD You can tell by my height :3
This is us when we met with all the Japanese transfer students who were in Germany in March. Glad to meet them all again! (:

Tokyo at night <3

So this was ist for now! Hopefully my rommate will fix my Skype soon (;___;) I’m sorry that I have no time to read your blogs at the moment. I’ll try as soon as possible to read! Great promise. Wish you all the best and for the ones living in Japan: Please be careful as the Taifun isn’t over yet.


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