Let all the colors wash me away. (Topshop Summer Collection 2012 Hitlist + Review Announcements :D)

Mai 31, 2012
 This happens when I’m bored at home.  (BTW, I have new sunglasses in pink leopard style :D)

And OMG, I got so many new subscribers, thank you all for your interest in my blog. You have no idea how happy it makes me, I can’t believe it! ♥I met awesome new people the last couple of weeks and I hope for a lot more to come!


Topshop Summer Collection 2012 – Personal Hitlist

Okay, I love colors. It’s no secret and shouldn’t be a great surprise to anybody at this point. To be honest, I only became a fan of Topshop recently. We have a store in Berlin but I’ve never been there since it’s not where I usually go. I went once with Monica but nothing really caught my attention… until last weekend in Shinjuku. I walked past the Topshop located in Shinjuku which launched the new summer collection just a few days ago and I was like „WOW“ seriously, the whole collection is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I would buy every single piece if I weren’t a poor student :3 (So glad when I return to being a Starbucks barista in September, all the money $$$ I can spend :’D ) I’m really a sucker for clothes and fashion, there’s kinda nothing that I don’t need. I have a lot of basics but I get bored soon and my love for favorite colors changes like the wind. I’m getting off topic. To cut it short: I fell in love with half the shop in Shinjuku and are already thinking how to cut money efficently this month so that I could buy a piece. I wanna share with you my one and only personal hitlist which I’ve created so please enjoy and get inspired if you like! ♥

Read on for more inspiration! ♥

You basically can see all my favorite things altogether on that list: colorful but transparent items, studs, vibrant colors and blazers! I recently recognized that I only own dark blazers (they’re so easy to combine!! ) and I have to change it. Since I wear them nearly everyday, one of every color would be enough I guess, LOL. I really like the watermelon-red on the bottom line and I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE with the pastel color one in the second row. When I look at that blazer, the image of icecones and sorbets pop up in my head, it basically screams summer. The shirt in the first row is my personal favorite and it’s practically already bought in my head. All these pieces can be found on Topshop’s online service (for residents in Japan; online presence will launch at 31/5.)

I also found an amazing dress @ Zara and was eager to buy it…. when I discovered the price. 130$!! Since when is zara so expensive? Maybe it’s a collaboration with a designer but there was no special tag so I really don’t know. All the items were super expensive, is there some high-class Zara I don’t know about..? :3  Nonetheless, I REALLY love this print (if it wouldn’t cost as much as 2 weeks of my living costs..) ♥

What’s with you these days? Do you have any trend you especially love? If you have, please share with me and let’s inspire each other! 🙂 I really need to take some outfit shots to show you all my colorful outfits! I feel so chilly and altogether satisfied with the summer around the corner, the warm but yet very refreshing days.. (don’t want the hot Japanese summer to come! ><) I do really enjoy life these days which was a bit rare the last months. But the cold days are finally over and I hear the riverside screaming my name, to visit and sip an ice-cold beer on hot days.

It’s in the water baby, it’s between you and me. (Listening to a lot of Placebo these days.)
Oh oh oh and GUESS what’s coming soon! TWO REWIEVS! I’m working hard these days… XD Only to fulfill my readers expectations! 😀 Finally managed to get my hands on one of the Diamond Shadow Palettes from BYS which I saw in Ageha for very colorful make-up inspirations.. finally managed to get pictures for a proper review, be prepared! It’s definitely worth a look.. 🙂 I also got a tester of the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, I’ll make a drugstore BB Cream comparison post! To be honest, I already finished it because I was so excited for my first *real* reviews. Which one would you like to read first? 😀



Bildunterschrift hinzufügen
…? 😀

You decide what’s next!!  Hope you are as excited as I am! I got so many new subscribers that I feel like doing something for you that’s why I made a looot of posts the last few days on behalf! 😀 Have a beloved weekend everybody and thank you for making my day as often as you guys do! ♥ You rock!
Until next time,
– Sam.
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