Dezember 23, 2013

Hey dear readers, 

Wish you all a happy Monday! I really do hope this was your last day of work before Christmas if you’re not into the gastronomy like my boyfriend and I.. I think you should have the day off! 😀 I used my free time today to finally wrap the presents for my boyfriend. I also bought a little gift for my Dad which is Met, a nordic honey wine which he used to love and which is sometimes sold at Christmas markets in Germany. I found this little store in Bonn where a man makes these all from scratch by his own and he even let me taste every single one of them because I wasn’t sure which flavor to buy! I decided on the sweet version 🙂
I wanted to wrap the bottle a little bit so that it looks nicer and I came up with a little idea and tried to make a ribbon for wrapping all by myself! I think it turned out really cute and decided last minute to just photograph it and make a little Christmas tutorial for you! 🙂  I dearly hope you like it and that it may be useful for one of you who did not buy any fancy wrapping stuff (like me..) It’s really simple and the only thing you need is wrapping lace/strings and a stapler.
I think this only took me 5 or 10 minutes (hard to tell, since I had to stop for every picture.. honestly I only started to take pictures when I was half done so I had to make the first steps again xD) Here’s the final result:
I think it turned out really pretty especially with the bottle 🙂 I am pleased with the result! The bow could have a better shape but for my first attempt I quite like it. I really hope you find this useful, please tell me what you think! I’m rushing to the supermarket now, to make sure that my boyfriend and I will not run out of breakfast for the next four days. Hope you all have a cosy and happy Christmas time!
Lots of love,
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