Februar 25, 2015

Good evening everybody!

Damn. I forgot what it’s like to have an actual social life! I didn’t have any plans for this week….originally. I really wanted to work and focus on my thesis but somehow, I have plans every single day. Same for next week. I’m probably doing this whole thing wrong. In my defense, I didn’t have much of a big social life back in Japan + Korea because most of my friends were crazy busy with graduating. It is really awesome to have lots of my friends near me though – I didn’t know how much I missed it until I finally came back home. This weekend, some of my Japanese classmates come to visit me in Berlin! So there goes my weekend too 🙂 It’s so awesome that they come to visit me though, as they are currently studying (abroad) in Bonn. So being a busy social bee was one of the reasons for this post’s delay – so sorry! I know I promised it much sooner to some of my readers 🙂
I picked this BB cream up because it was on sale at Watsons – and how could I say no with this packaging?! I really wish the Zombie girl was printed on the actual tube too! I didn’t expect much to be honest – I am always a bit susüicious with over the top cute/cool packaging! However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this out in store and later at home! 


My humble zombie-ish arm for your viewing pleasure.

..and I got swatch support for this post! I met the amazing Moi Sanom, as we are living in the same city, and we decided to swatch the BB and CC cream together as I have the former and she owns the latter. Also, we are two different skin tones and it’s always interesting to see the same product swatched against different skin shades 🙂 As you can see, the CC cream of the same line is A LOT darker and matches her skin a lot better than mine. On the contrary, the BB cream is extremely light, probably a match for NC10-20 (I’m myself leaning towards NC10/15ish). Also, the consistency is not the same; the BB cream is much thicker and a bit more pasty while the CC cream spreads more evenly and dries less shiny. I would honestly prefer the formula of the CC cream in the shade of the BB cream! 😉


I always forget to do my brows for these kind of pictures. Every. Single Time. Overall, good coverage of redness, nice natural finish; not too dewy nor too matte (makes me appear dead)

Sorry for the different lighting and derpy pictures, had huge problems with my camera taking pictures because I remembered way too late to take pictures and sun was already going down which my camera hates >_<„“ My horrible breakout is healing but that big red spot on my left cheek just refuses to lighten up (.____.) Flawless skin is overrated anyways…. I’m serious. Overall, I really like how this BB looks on myself. I would say it’s a nice in-between medium and full coverage. Not enough to be full, but not sheer enough for medium coverage. I use this BB cream when I only need some coverage to do groceries or go out by myself.


I surprisingly really like this BB cream! I love that it’s actually water-based, It gives me a nice natural finish and doesn’t make me look as if I have too much make-up on. HOWEVER. (There’s always a however with me, I know. Picky fella here) I don’t like the thick formula as much and I definitely feel the BB cream on my face. I wouldn’t mind this too much, but one thing that really irks me: This BB cream looks really bad if you apply it with your bare hands. Due to the thick consistency, it turns out very streaky/cakey if applied with just fingers. If applied with a (BB cushion) sponge or stippling brush however, this isn’t a problem anymore (I used a BB cushion sponge in these pictures). Although this isn’t a big problem in itself, as I rarely apply foundation with my hands, but it might be a bit no-no for others. Also, I find it very inconvenient if I’m in a rush and would have hoped this performed better without any helping tools. Overall, this is a satisfying product with a great price (18,000Won, sometimes on sale for 9,900Won) and currently on sale for 9,36$ on Beautynetkorea (not affiliated, but I hate posts without any ‚where to buy‘ links :p) or can be found on Ebay.

Disclaimer: I have purchased this product with my own money.

I just filmed my second Youtube video today! I hope editing won’t take forever like the first time, so I can upload it soon! 😀 I also should write my thesis some day…. but well. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot away in the comments! 🙂

Lots of love,


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