Mai 26, 2013

Good evening my dear readers,

How have you all been? Hope you all were good entertained while I was away! The vacation really was a dream and I had lots and loads of fun with my cousin 🙂 I don’t have time to get to the vacation posts before Tue or Wed, so please be a bit patient! We made so so so so many pictures (even great ones!) that I really look forward to share with you guys and girls! ^w^ 
Sneakpeek pic for you! 😀 
I’m not at my own laptop right now but I’ll make sure to make some posts asap! Just a little question, how would you like the next posts to be? I think I have enough pictures/themes to do five different vacation posts (yes, we did A LOT of pictures, including little photoshoots at the beach, the sea, everywhere! 😀 ) so, would you like to have all of these in chronological order or is that too much holiday for you? I have enough review material so I could switch between holiday and „normal“ posts if you’d like that better. I really don’t wanna bore you with five vacation posts in a row, but if you’d like that more please tell me! I really have no clue with this…. ^^
Let me know! 😀 Preparing posts asap, just need to get university tomorrow and work on Tue done before. Hope you all have a good time and looking forward to catch up with all your blogs 🙂
Much love & Talk to you all soon,
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