Huge Birthday Haul [Harajuku La Foret, Glad News, Etude House & Others.]

Juli 6, 2014

Good „morning“ everyone!

I was drinking yesterday a bit and watched the game Germany vs France with a friend. I do feel very horrible now and don’t wanna drink again. Like, ever. I got home short before 5AM. Luckily the friend lives only 1 minute walk from my home.
So as you can see from my title, I did some serious shopping on my birthday. I didn’t really buy much in June because I knew I wanted to do some big shopping on my birthday to compensate for the non-absence of all my friends. I received some birthday cards in the mail which I took with me and read them on my birthday to get at least a bit a feeling of birthday. I was staying with a Korean friend of mine and left really early because she is working in Ikebukuro. I met with my friend Lisa for breakfast in Harajuku so we waited until it was 10AM and all shops were open. She and I found so many stuff in 4 hours we only made it to Takeshita Doori and La Foret (although we probably stayed 3 hours in the latter one.) After that she had to leave for university but I was really happy she came all the way to Tokyo to spend some time on my birthday 🙂
I then continued by myself and had a break with iced chocolate coffee before I left for Shibuya. At around 5PM I tried to get back to Ikebukuro to meet with my friend again to have some dinner and a slow evening. („Tried“ because the Yamanote line completely stopped -which is a disaster in Tokyo because its the most used line inside Tokyo- I eventually found a faster way to get back to Ikebukuro but it took me forever because I didn’t have a train map with me. In the evening I had Okonomiyaki, one of my favorites, for dinner and some beers before we headed home and just spend the evening chatting 🙂 Although this day didn’t really feel like a birthday it still was a very very nice day and I am grateful for the people who spend time with me.
But now, onto the serious stuff. I hope you are ready for some serious picture action.
First, clothes! Harajuku & Shibuya have so much stuff for my style, it’s amazing. It is in general very hard to find unique/rockish things like these in Germany which is why I always spend a lot of money in Japan. That purple shirt from Wego you saw already yesterday in my hair post, I just like shirts + purple + prints in the back. Plus, it is quite wide so perfect for summer. The trenchcoat(?)/raincoat from H&M was an impulse buy but I don’t regret it! I really like that it’s an universal color and the fabric is SO thin. Perfect for Japan when it is melting hot outside but freezing cold inside trains & buildings.
As you can see, I was able to buy that amazing shirt from Glad News! I was so happy when I found it because it was constantly sold out in the online shop. Love love love that skeleton cut out in the back and this shirt also is quite long & loose ^_^  Last but not least, I fell in love with this shirt dress from World Wide Love two months ago but it was way too expensive. However, when I went yesterday it was on sale and they had exactly one left in this color. I love pale turquoise&white&black together! Need to take a picture with this I personally think it looks so cute with my new hair. (Also, the buttons are actually little stars and do I need to say anything about UNICORNS in the back??? This is actually weaven and not a print.) It fits me quite loose so again, perfect for summer. Very very happy with these clothes.

So, let me explain this. You probably all know this brand and you may also know just HOW expensive it is. Which is the reason I never bought anything although I really like their handbags & purses. So I was waiting for my friend in Ikebukuro and it started to rain. I never have an umbrella with me so I seeked shelter.. in a Samantha Thavasa store nearby. Just to have a look. 
But then. They had this HUGE sale. And I couldn’t believe it to see handbags discounted from 30.000~50.000Yen (300~500$) to 10.000. I mean, that is still not cheap but considering it was a great deal. And I do not own a handbag in Japan I just run around with totebags all the time. And it was a now-or-never chance. And it was my birthday. How could I possibly say no.

And what can I say? I love this bag! It is very big and can easily fit my laptop and university stuff. I chose a neutral color so it can go with all my clothes. They had more cute versions but I thought a clean version like this will last me the longest. Very very pleased with this. Funny fact on the side: Since I have this bag I get treated VERY different in fancy stores because they think I am a rich kid, lol.
Golden tooth necklace & zipper ring. The little zipper is moving depending on your motions which I love a lot! The golden tooth somehow just got me, I think its a very cool design which you don’t see that often. Both from La Foret.
Also finally bought some new piercings! I had this one unique piercing from a certain store and wear it for more than 2 years so it was time to get something new. And yes, Obviously I love black and purple. The little skull with crown is for my navel because the piercing I had before looks not good anymore due to continuous showers.
Worn, although you cannot see it well from the front & icecream kitty I bought in Harajuku Takeshita Doori! So cute isnt it?  I will actually attach a chain to the black piercing so one can see the dangling crystal better.
No birthday with fancy glitter nailpolish! As you might know already I just love La Diamond an all their sparkly polishes! They are very glittery so you don’t need 5 layers to actually see something like other polishes, which is great. I think these two would go so well with each other!
Etude House! I actually wanted to buy more from Etude House but then… I remembered I’m going to Korea next month which means I should just wait since I will have less stuff to carry and will also be a lot cheaper. I went with some masks because these are really good, of course some fancy nailpolish (very excited for this one, its not only sparkles but also little white dots in between that makes it look like paint.), handcream and got some BB cream samples 🙂
For half a year I am only using Sleeks Oh So Special which was a gift from my cousin and I didn’t buy anything else in Japan, the Oh So Special is really diverse. However lately I was missing some warm brown tones and remembered that I had only good experiences with NYX 🙂 These are very nicely pigmented as always.
Finally got around to try the Revlon Colorburst! I bought #01 Honey. This gives me a very nice almost natural color but it is visible at the same time. More pigmented than any lipbalm but less than most lipsticks, very nice combination of both.
Last but not least, I did buy a small straightening iron. Having a straightening iron is kind of a must if you have a bob and don’t style with the hairdryer to keep it all in shape. I didn’t buy this for my birthday I just wanted to buy it for a long time and happen to be in Akihabara finally. This is very small & light, perfect for travel and also usable outside of Japan!
Of course I had to choose pink (Its more pink than red in reality.) Already tried it and its really perfect if you have shorter hair, you don’t need a huge iron when your hair is only about chin length I think. I left my iron at home because it is very big, heavy and was expensive. Since there is always the chance I need to leave something because of overweight luggage I decided it is safest to have it waiting for me at home.
So! You survived my huge birthday haul, congratulations if you came this far! This post took me one hour to make (not picture editing time included!)  Which is your favorite item? What do you usually do on your birthday?
Have a fabulous weekend!
Lots of love,
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