Harajuku + Shibuya Haul

Juli 26, 2012
Hello my dear readers & new followers,
first of all: I am deadly sick. Well, not deadly maybe, but I am so sick that I lost my voice today. I have some weird stuff going on in my body since last Sunday and coughed a lot but today’s hardcore shopping tour took its toll and now I am there, speechless literally. For me it’s really hard because I am Miss Talkative. I always talk and need to talk and now that I can’t really express myself which sucks. I also would have a dancing performance this Sunday, but.. I don’t really see that to be honest. I hope I won’t be that speechless for long because it sucks to text my roommate a note about everything I want or need to express. 
But despite that little thing, Pachi and I did an amazing shopping tour today! We finished our last exam very early and headed off to Harajuku and Shibuya. She loves Harajuku, I am more a Shibuya person so we usually visit Harajuku first and hit the road after for Shibuya since it’s only 20 minutes footwalk distance (or one station by train, but we need that shopping money!) As you maybe already know I am only blessed with 2 1/2 weeks left in Japan so my roomie and I decided it’s time for some heavy shopping before going home! Also, at the moment there is huge summer sale going on here and when I say huge, I mean HUGE. Basically EVERYTHING is 50% off or more. In Germany, only crap stuff is discounted most of the time. In Japan, sale affects the whole collection so you can get pieces half the price you maybe only saw a month ago.
It was shockingly hot today so we basically hopped only from store to store since there’s aircon in every store :’D We first went to La Foret in Harajuku where we always only visit the two basement floor where they have mostly Lolita, Punk or Gothic clothing. Unfortunately it’s PRETTY expensive there… always need a bit luck to find something neat & reasonable priced. I found these amazing jewelry which was extremely cheap for Harajuku (about 8$).

I love this pink eyeball with golden wings it looked so cute! 😀 I instantly fell in love. I have to say, I am not a huge fan of all the „eyeball stuff“ going on lately (btw; these eyeball-bows existed way long before Miss Pamyu made them socially accepted..) but I loved these because of the tiny wings. I also love the fact that it’s not super huge (compared to my normal ring I wear everyday). They had these in pink with golden wings or in blue with silver wings. Since I was really unsure of what to buy…..

…I bought these as earrings as well! I had the feeling I would regret it afterwards if I got the pink one I would wanted blue in the end and the other way around. I wear a lot of earrings so I’ll put these to good use I think 🙂 This is how the beauty looks worn:
Shy winged eyeball is shy again! 😀 It looks huge because of the extreme closeup; it’s not really that big seeing the whole face. I am glad I can but my anime merch to good use, look how well my EVA 01 serves me as jewelry holder (I know every ‚true‘ EVA fan may freak out now..)
I mean, the figure kinda screams „put something on me!!“ don’t you think..?
Anyway, back to topic! After getting me some winged jewelry and Pachi some new shirts from a UK underground brand we randomly discovered we headed to Forever 21 where I just bought two simple black dresses and a jumper made half out of black lace. I love both black dresses and will make some outfit posts as soon as I am home, I promise! The left one especially makes me look sooo thin :’D
Read on for Glad News, Ghost Of Harlem etc. :3

The left one isn’t actually the one I bought, couldn’t find the exact same dress online but it comes pretty close. The dress I chose has a higher neckline and looks really classy, I love it! 😀 The right one I chose because I love asymmetrical designs and it seemed so simple and easy to wear with lots of accessoires. This doesn’t make me look thinner at all but it’s a good motivation to not become more chubby as I already am (…who always says you can’t gain weight in Japan? WHO WAS THAT?)
We also visited the new build shopping center Tokyo Plaza Omotesando Harajuku (short: Omohara) but that was hella boring. They only had boring stores or extremely expensive ones. They do have a nice chillout area on the deck and an intelligent placed Starbucks right next to it.. :3 
Next stop on my route was Shibuya 109 (mostly because of the studded designs from Glad News) but didn’t find anything in that store which made me a bit sad (I actually wanted this so bad and now it was finally on sale, but… it was just soooo short! You could totally see my butt. Always :D) …but LOVE the rocking style of this store! Pachi bought 5 pieces for „only“ 150$ I guess, real price would’ve been 400$ for everything! 
Crazy Japan Fact: The sale person helps you to get the best discount you can get! For example, Pachi wanted a shirt that cost 80$. They had the promotion buy 2 and get 50% off of both items so the sales person said if she would grab a real cheap T-shirt she could get half off the 80$-shirt which was so nice! I was really impressed (again) about service in Japan..
I was also extremely lucky; I found a dress at Pinky Girls (I know, I know, the name.. 😀 ) that I saw in march(!!) and fell in love with it but it was 80$ back then which was too much for only a dress. I never forgot about it though and secretly hoped for it to come back to me, lol…. in the end I got it today for 45$ which is still not cheap but.. who knows when I’ll be shopping here again! So what! And the cut is just so pretty..
It’s again not the exact same dress; color is similar but the print I got is way much prettier in my opinion; it has a dark red in it and has just some big flowers and no dots on it. It has the same cut and also the cute bow-corsage in the back ^-^ Also the fabric is really thick and nice which I love (I hate cheap fabrics ><) so I could justify myself to buy that dress 😀
Then, already exhausted from the heat we took a shortcut to Ghost Of Harlem, a store which I sometimes like. I usually go for leather and studs so I like some of their designs. I don’t go for all the black & white skull action though… today I was surprised to find really colorful items among the usual ones AND they had an amazing sale going on! What I bought:
..this colorful one-piece! I LOVE purple + green together, it’s just the best combination in the world I think 😀 As you can see they wanted more than 70$ for that but I got it for 20$! Awesome! The straps of that dress are black leather with studs as well as the middle part. They had a maxi skirt and maxi trousers with the exact same print + color and I originally wanted the pants, but…

…to be honest, I was just too fat to fit the trousers, LOL. I thought it would be big but it’s just normal tiny Japanese size at the waist. No way I am gonna fit with my European hip in that, nope! I was a bit sad (I really do want heavy printed pants!) but well, I could’ve just eaten fifty crepes less in Japan, maybe I would’ve fit 😀
I also bought some small stuff like cosmetics and a new purse but as you know me already I’ll do separate reviews on that! I am also excited to finally begin with some outfit posts as soon as I am home + have my whole closet again (SHOES! I basically used two pairs the whole year.) + the environment & equipment for doing some fashion related posts and/or shots. Hope you found this a bit interesting, due to my illness I didn’t do much except for… shopping. What are you shopping these days?
Oh and if anybody knows how to magically bring back the own voice.. I appreciate every advice!
Hope everybody’s well & until next time,
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