Grand Opening VIP Party: Vapiano Berlin Main Station

Februar 15, 2013

Hello my dearest readers,

How have you all been? On Wednesday I had my first day of work since vacation and it was awful. I had early shift which is never ever a good idea in my opinion (I started at 6 AM which is a late early shift, ususally we start at 4:30. But still I have to get up at 4 AM to be at work at 6 AM… @__@“ ) Since I wasn’t there the last two weeks I completely missed the opening of a Vapiano store in Berlin main station where I work. The Vapiano is located right in front where we work so our staff got invitations to be part of their big Grand Opening VIP Party which was held on Wednesday evening. Since my colleagues promised me free food I was more than eager to go! Unfortunately, all tickets were already booked but I called the staff and they said if I’d come a bit later than the opening it would be totally fine 😀 Official opening was at 7 PM and I arrived at half past 8 PM.
I have to say I never ever ate in any Vapiano store. We have a few in Berlin in main tourist locations but it wasn’t ever appealing to me. That was the reason why I was so eager to go (and… did I mention.. FREE FOOD??? 😀 )
As I said, the party started at 7 PM and I arrived 1 1/2 hours later – and it was full like hell. I couldn’t even see the staff cooking anything and was pushed against the windows because it was so awfully crowded. After 10 minutes of intense searching I finally found one colleague of mine 😀 I decided to change my eating plans to later and my colleagues were so nice to provice me with some beer from the bar (Oh did I mention… there were also free drinks??)
We could try as much pasta and pizza as we wanted. They offered Pasta Piccante, Carbonara, Mista and Mozzarella. Since I love spicey stuff and cheese I went for the Piccante and Mozzarella versions 🙂
Left: Spaghetti Picante with chicken Right: Mozzarella tomato pasta
Both versions were lovely! Only downside was the waiting time since free food turns all human beings into the status of cavemen again. You could chose from a variety of different noodles and customize your own sauce with garlic, peppers, parmesan and other things. The staff was super friendly and helpful too!
I was quite surprised the drinks and even alcohol were free too, because it is always more expensive than just offering free food. I missed to try the pizza but I’m sure I’ll be back in one of my breaks from work since it is just 100 meters away from my workplace 🙂 I drank a lot of beer and a lot of Aperol Frizz and there were lot of strange hipster people trying to hook up with either me or the blonde friend I was accompanied by.  Or both. 
There was also a disco and live music opened at 10 PM but we all were too lazy to dance. When we left the event the staff offered us roses to take home because it would be Valentine’s Day soon. I didn’t take one but thought it was a lovely gesture 🙂
Altogether I loved that event and was thankful for amazing food and drinks! We left around mignight because my colleagues had early shifts the next day. A pity, I would’ve loved to stay a little bit longer 🙂 So thank you Vapiano for a nice party! Hope there are more to come 😀
Oh in case you wondered… I made a break from my low carb diet for this particular day because I didn’t wanna miss the free food. I’m not that strict with myself and I was extremely good the last 3 weeks so I kinda had the feeling I earned this and thought about this as a gift for myself 🙂 It was a fun evening and it was nice to hang out with a few of my colleagues in private! I love love my work staff, so many great people in there. I’m working the whole weekend and hope your weekend will be more kickass than mine! 😀
Have a good weekend & Talk to you soon!
Much love,
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