September 16, 2013

Good evening my dear readers,

I hope y’all’ve been doing good? I caught a cold some days ago and sit on the couch with a huge scarf wrapped around my neck. I also bought a huuuge box of menthol/eucalyptus noms since my throat is so dry I can’t barely sleep @__@ Well, I can’t complain since my back gets better and better and I’m finally having something like a regular day again. I can even go out for drinks and have a night out! Well, not for hours&hours but still. Progress is a blessing.
Although I’m currently not living in Japan I still have a lot of friends there and even more friends who travel or study or work there. Good thing about being a Japanese Studies Bachelor: There’s always someone you know in Japan. Like, really, always. (Or maybe I just know too many people..?) I am blessed with really good friends so the ones who currently came back from Japan brought me some awesome gifts which I wanted to share with y’all! :3
Evangelion waffles with limited collector cards! My best friend Alex brought these home for Pachi and me. Unfortunately Pachi is sick at the moment as well so we didn’t have the chance to meet up and eat those waffles (and hope for some sexy Kaworu collector cards…) 😀
He also gave to me an artbook from Evangelion, wow! Thank you so much Alex! This basically is a book which contains a loooot (200+ pages) of original sketches from the series. Since I’m really into art and drawing this was an amazingly thoughtful gift 🙂
My dear friend Susann gave me mouton the elephant from Sentimental Circus as a gift! HE’S SOOO FLUFFY! I wanted one when I was still there but lacked the needed skill at the game center… (as always ._.“) Sentimental Circus is a rather new „line“ comparable to Hello Kitty from Sanrio. As far as I know there is no TV-series or anything else involved. Isn’t he cute? ^-^
She also gave me a pair of Angel-inspired socks and a special limited edition file! The purple file was what she gave to Pachi, mine is the reddish-pink one above. I just love the design! Since it’s a paper file I really hope I won’t break it ;__; I’m storing important university-related things inside at the moment ^_^ 
As you can see I’m a huge fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion – if you don’t know it yet you should definitely watch it, it is the most psychological anime I’ve ever seen. Great stuff. And no, it’s not really about robots and stuff. I have another friend who will return in 2 weeks and he bought some Shingeki no Kyojin (if you don’t know it either WATCH IT IT’S SO GOOD) merchandise for me, awww! I am blessed with so amazing friends thank you all! ^__^ I’ll make sure to send you lots of stuff next spring when I return to Japan :3 Sorry if you’re not interested in anime – just skip this post! I leave you with some Shingeki no Kyojin gifs 😀

Wow, I didn’t know it’s so hard to align gifs here in Blogger after I tried @__@ Just love this series! <3
Are you watching any anime? Or maybe you’re even a fan of one of these animes too? 😀 I have to admit I prefer the more „mature content“ animes that deal with a tougher content. What kind do you prefer if you watch any..? Let me know!

Hope you all have a splendid week!
Lots of love,


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