Goodbyes per hour.

September 11, 2011
Woah it’s raining all the time here. For Hours. It rains cats and dogs literally. There’s nothing really special to talk about since I was busy the whole weekend with goodbye-saying-things. On Thursday I finally got my official one-year Visa for Japan. It was so close, just a week before taking off! Asian bureaucracy really is slow. (Friend who goes to Singapore endured the same.) So here’s my special pink glittery sakura Visa! (Such a design also can exist just in Asia for official documents.. here in Germany Visa would’ve been probably just a grey paper :’D)

On Friday was my last working day at Starbucks. I had a shift righ in the middle, so I saw every single person who worked that day. (We mostly have four different main shifts as our store is opened 4 AM until 11 PM every day because of the main station it is located at.) It was the most saddest Friday this year I guess because I had to say Goodbye every single hour because shift was over for one person. It really was annoying and sad although I was happy that most people were sad about my leaving. (: One of my shift leaders (big boss isn’t there all the time so different leaders are responsible for single shifts, e.g. early or late shift.) came to me while I was working on the cash box and gave a giant bouquet of lilies to me! This gesture was so sweet, I nearly cried T__T I like this shift leader so much, he really is such a nice person <3 After that I went shopping with my cousin but didn’t buy anything because I was in a sad mood. (I’m such a sensitive person..).

Weekend was the same with many Goodbyes to tell for the next 10 months. I didn’t know that to leave is hard to endure for the leaving person. But I’m looking forward to the experience I’ll make when living in Japan. I also went to the hairdresser on Saturday but I wasn’t able to make an appropriate photo of it, always looked sort of retarded u.u I went for a slighty lighter brown color because I didn’t like the dark brown I was given by nature and also got bangs. Most bangs look really trashy when cut, I always find they have to grow out the way they’ll look best :’D

Really like the lighter brown hair color with a slightly reddish tint. Also like the fact that my face is more „framed“ now as it was before. If the bangs would grow a bit longer I wouldn’t mind though.
I don’t know if I’ll be able to update before I take off for Japan because I really wanna enjoy the last times with all my friends and my beloved boyfriend. It will be a hard time to go through – hopefully we will make the best out of it. So if I don’t update until Thursday, you know where to find me.. see you in Japan! 😀 
P.S. (00:21 AM) I just found out that my ever ever ever beloved favorite band THE JEZABELS will finally have a LP coming out!! They made 3 EP’s with just five songs and every single EP was awesome. It always leave me breathless and I love this band so much. Unfortunately this LP comes out September 16th which is my day of arrival in Japan! I think they perhaps won’t have this kind of music where I live.. so I need one of my friends to buy it for me and send it to where I live xD I’m so longing for an album from them for a very long time. (If you’re interested, listen to Old little girls, A little piece or Hurt me on Youtube. They really make great songs. ♥ )
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