Januar 30, 2014
Hello my dear readers,
Finally! January is almost over! I don’t know about you, but January is always such a freaking long month, it seems just to never end. I think it’s because all the excitement from Christmas and New Year’s Eve suddenly drop in the cold and always muddy grey January.  As for this year, I was really lucky. It has been incredibly mild here in West Germany and we have about 3°C and lots of sunshine which I am not used to in Berlin! It’s always supercold and grey. (Though even Berlin was lucky and it only turned freezing -20°C this week.) I really despite February too and it is my least favorite month, because: It ALWAYS gets super freaking cold in Berlin. Every year. Snow from day 1 to day 28. So I am kind of happy that I will spend another two weeks here in Bonn before I head back to Berlin, so I only have two weeks of awful February!
Unfortunately I have exams and presentations and stuff but I am sooo thrilled to come back home, can you tell can you teeeell? 😀  So I finally have Instagram since I swapped phones with my mom! I was dying for Instagram for years but first I had no smartphone, then I had a smartphone which could not to Instagram and now, finally. I really enjoy taking little snaps of everyday life and sharing them and see what my friends around the globe are doing atm ^___^ If you like, you can follow me HERE! I’d love to add more to my dashboard too to be updated on all your lifes 🙂
#1 Making ginger soy fried noodles and teriyaki smoked salmon, I love cooking!  /  2# Had a deep hair crisis, making hair curly helped a bit.  /  #3 Tried more healthy breakfast versions like this bread with cress /  # 4 I convinced my boyfriend to lend me his Pokémon Y and his 3DS and I am playing and dressing my mini-me up whenever I have time!  /  #5  Couscous Taco Salad  /  #6 Gradient Nails with Artdeco <3  /  #7 Relaxing with iced chocolate after my cousin and I challenged Cologne Dome!  /  #8 Unfortunately getting supersick afterwards for a week.  /  #9  On top of Cologne Dome! 500+ steps! /  #10 Made a new decoden case for my phone; whipping cream broke so I only did like 1/6 🙁  /  #11 Sushi with mom when I was still in Berlin at our favorite place.  /  #12  Vietnamese tea time with my Japanese friend Sanae.

Did nothing fancy this month; had some last days in Berlin, was accompanied by my cousin for some days, then fell incredibly sick for a week and finished the month off with lots of university and presentations. I am SO happy that it’s only one and a half week of university left, this was really intense this term. So excited to see my boyfriend, friends and family in two weeks! (^o^)/  Maybe I can even do some outfit pictures if the snow lingers long enough… we’ll see! Wish you all a happy last day of January and a nice start into February! 🙂

Lots of love,


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