Dezember 25, 2013

Hey my dear ones,

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas! My boyfriend and I were given sooo many candies I honestly don’t know how long it might take to kill them all. Tomorrow we’re invited to dinner at my mom’s place and we’re going to the cinema afterwards to watch „Frozen“! ^w^
I’m pretty sure you remember the Motel Sequin Dress I bought for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and as soon as I saw it I knew that I must try to match my nails with this dress. The sequins are so glittery and since I deeply love glitter nail polishes I challenged my self in hope to find a close deal. I already knew what I wanted: a preferably multitone base polish and a super glittery one on top of that. I still had a gift voucher from Douglas left so I went there to see what they have in store – Douglas carries the more expensive brands like Essie, Ciaté which I normally don’t frequent for nail polish – while I love polish I have a really hard time to splurge a lot of money on only nail polish, I don’t know. I think I would never buy a nail polish that is more expensive than 10€ ._.“ (Only reason I do not own any from Deborah Lippmann so far because these are soooooo pretty. But also sooo expensive.)
To keep a long story short: I was able to find some amazing polished that go really well with the dress. It’s hard because the dress appears to be green/blue/turquoise/purple, depending on the lighting so I wanted something that incorporated as much of these colours as possible >__<“ While the final result is a bit more green/turquoise I reaaally love the outcome ^w^
Isn’t that a pretty sight..? I love how the glitter polish has tiny and bigger glitter particles and I really love that the polish underneath is blue green or purple, depening on the lighting. It’s super sparkly in real life and looks like little ice crystals!
Astor Fashion Studio Metal Effect in #Crystal Blue,  Artdeco Ceramic Nail Laquer in #423

The nail polish #Crystal Blue from Astor is as pretty on the nails as it is in the bottle. However, I did not enjoy this polish as much on it’s own, due to the pale blue and purple shade it can make your hands look like a water corpse in my opinion. However, I love this shade in combination with the glitter one from Artdeco! Do you know when a glitter polish looks amazing and glittery in the bottle but when you use it you only get two glitter particles on your nails..? 

Not with this polish. It is insanely pigmented (can you say that of a polish..?) and is extremely sparkly with only one coat (I opted for two though, to make sure 😀 ). I would definitely recommend this polish to anyone who loves sparkly things. This polish is also available in blue, pale purple, red, silver and pink. I think I will use it next time to create a gradient effect, could turn out really pretty with this one 🙂
What do you think of my choice? Did I hit the mark on that? It’s almost  impossible to match the beauty of this dress with a single nail polish but I’m satisfied with my end results 🙂 Hope y’all have a splendid day!
Lots of love,
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