Fireworks and Champagne.

August 21, 2012

A happy „Aloha“ from Berlin, how’s everybody doing?

I did a lot of pictures and even my first outfit pictures this first week but unfortunately I can’t find the USB-cable to connect my cam to my laptop so I’m not able to get the pictures on my computer which sucks! :/ I’m super excited to share everything with you and it kinda keeps me down when I’m unable to share the things I created.
The first week in Berlin was super exciting, I barely had time to sleep! So many people to meet and chat with. So far I managed to visit and spent time with my boyfriend, my mother, my best girlfriends, the parents of my boyfriend, my colleagues at work and a friend who I know through the internet and who visited Berlin for a few days. I still need to visit some other friends of mine and my father 🙂 I made a lot of pictures which I’ll be -hopefully!- sharing the next days somewhen; I’ve been to the cinema, restaurants, a BBQ and even a concert! The first days back home in a city where you used to live is such an intense experience, I love it.
Since I don’t have the pictures I wanted to share I’ll share my very last impressions from my last week in Japan with you guys! I’ve been pretty busy the last days and wasn’t able to update as much as I wanted. I went to a hanabi which is the Japanese word for fireworks. Fireworks are held, mostly at rivers, the whole summer in Japan. The entrance is free and there is at least one firework festival in every bigger town. Girls and boys are throwing themselves in their yukata and enjoying the night while the fireworks last one or two hours. In Berlin, we barely have any bigger firework, even at New Year we „biggest“ firework we have lasts 10-15 minutes approximately, so I was totally blown away by what the Japanese were doing! The whole atmosphere was really peaceful and I loved watching the firework together with some friends of mine who took me there ♥

I don’t know I just really love to watch fireworks. Maybe because it reminds me of the beginning of the New Year or maybe, becaue I always have a nice start into the New Year so far..? I made like 144839 pictures this evening and I’m pretty satisfied with how these turned out. I guess it really pays off when you try to understand the high-tech camera you’re using. :3
At Saturday, two days before I went back home, my Yosakoi dancing group threw a farewell party for me in order to celebrate our time together and say goodbye. It was one of the most saddening events ever but we had such a great time! I guess I never felt that loved by so many different people! I am super thankful for all the time we got to spent together. I’m pretty sure to be able to come back in a very near future so I tried to be not superdeadsad (of course it didn’t work, I am such a sensitive bunch of emotions, I really cry easily. And a lot. I can cry you a river over a bunch of nonesense things.)

They even prepared two huuuge photoalbums with pictures from the whole year and a book full with letters and messages from each member of the dancing group, needless to say how happy I was to receive so much love from everybody! <3  My cam died after four pictures so I grabbed the others from some Facebook profiles from my friends :3
Together with Angel who I just love love love so much! <3 She was the closest friend I had in Japan and just such an awesome person, it was hard to leave her ><
With Angel + Yukio right before the party. I didn’t really do any make-up that day because I knew I would cry so much, lol.
Inside the izakaya, everybody slightly drunk after an hour :3
Group picture! These are not all from my dancing group, several were missing because they were on holiday 🙂 We’re about 30 as far as I know at the moment.

Altogether, I was really really happy about how my studies abroad ended. I learned so much and I am really proud that I took the opportunity and survived! It wasn’t always easy but I wouldn’t miss that time ever in my life.

I hope I get all the pictures I took for my next post, just have to find that stupid cable.. hope all of you enjoy the summer as much as I do at the moment! ♥

See you soon,


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