Juli 15, 2014

My dear dear readers!

Wow, what a week was that. Everything just turned into a big mess and me just in the middle. There were problems with the Korean visa, I had to do a huge bunch of university stuff, my laptop just died almost the whole weekend and I wasn’t able to do anything (I kinda need my laptop for every university action I am involved in) and so on and so forth. Now I am kind of sick which may be very well due to stress. I am so happy when the dust is settled and I may be finally able to breathe freely again.
But! I didn’t leave you guys for a week just go come back empty-handed. No, no. I finally finally was able to host the giveaway I promised you guys so long ago! I wanted to make sure to really get all the products that I wanted & that I love 🙂 My last giveaway was ages ago so it was time. Plus, I know how obsessed most of you are with Japanese skincare and stationary so I made a mash-up of both!  
Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored giveaway, all products were provided by myself and paid for with my own money.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway includes:  
Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleanser (one of my favorites, review will follow soon!)
3 Etude House Sheet Masks & Etude House samples 
Revlon CC Cream (Note: This product was swatched by me once on my hand and I am giving it away because the shade is too dark for me, it would be a waste to throw away)
Acne Barrier Spot Treatment (review coming soon, I LOVE this product)
Skinfood samples (Toner, Peeling & Conditioner)
Natural Honey Lip (My favorite lip treatment forever)
Rilakkuma Notebook
Sumikkogurashi sticker sheet & pencil
1 pair of Natural Elegant False Lashes 
Kosé Je l’aime Shampoo & Conditioner samples
Glamatic chewing gum (my favorite which is actually superhard to find in Japan)
Little Twin Stars plaster set (just because they were so cute)

The giveaway is open until 31.07.2014, 6PM and is open internationally.

To enter, you must be a reader of this blog and you are able to get an extra entry when you were a reader of this blog before I hosted this giveaway. Liking the Facebook page is also mandatory, as well as answering one question in order to get your email-adress – be sure to leave an adress you check at least once a day. If the winner does not reply within 24 hours I will chose a new winner (which is due to the fact that I am already leaving Japan on the 9th of August and need to get the parcel send by then.)

The skincare part of the giveaway – All of these products are personal favorites of mine so I think you will enjoy these two as these products are just working wonderfully. Also, the Perfect Whip cleanser from Shiseido is a very gentle foam cleanser  which I believe should be suitable for any skin condition. And you can never, never go wrong with the amazing masks of Etude House, right? 🙂

Almost 100% of my readers seem to be huge fans of Japanese stationary – at least these are the posts I get positive feedback only and a lot of you expressed how they wished they could get their hands on some of the cute things Japan has to offer. So here is your chance! I included sticker sheets & pencil of Sumikkogurashi which is my favorite character goods by so far and Rilakkuma because everyone loves Rilakkuma. I also included some samples since I do have a lot of them & it gives you the chance to try a wider arrange of products 🙂

I just REALLY love these cuties I mean, look at them! My favorite is the green „Kyuuripengin“ (Cuke Penguin) who has an identity crisis because he thinks he is a cucumber and not a penguin. The other characters have pretty sweet background stories too and its getting more famous in Japan. These are the summer edition which you can see by the fans, hanabi (fireworks) and most importantly watermelon 🙂

I hope a lot of you will participate and that this giveaway is to your liking! I thought really hard to get products that most of you would want and even most of you could use so please enjoy! 🙂 Happy participating and may the most lucky person win!

Lots of love,


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