Exciting News!

April 9, 2013

Hey my dear ones,

I originally wanted to write an haul post for you, BUT! Some exciting stuff happened today so just a short update for all you guys! Today I got an e-mail that I was chosen for an interview for a scholarship master course in Halle Wittenberg! This master course I applied for only 2 weeks ago is a corporation between a German university in Halle and the Japanese Keiô University which has a really high reputation. Students who get in (there are only 5 seats) get a full scholarship and will be paid one year of study at Keiô University with writing their master thesis there.
I applied there because I’d love to go to Japan again but I couldn’t afford it on my own, I also had a scholarship when I studied there last year. They have chosen 16 people for the interview and, as far as my information goes, 5 will get in. I AM SO EXCITED THEY CHOSE ME!! I mean, it’s still very unsure if I can get in or not, but it is SO great that they even think of me doing it, it makes me so incredibly proud. The interview will be held on April 29th in Bonn, which is painfully far away from Berlin. I’ll be taking the train at 4:40 AM to get there at about 10 AM, interviews starting at 1 PM and my train back goes at 7 PM. This will be such a horrible day but I hope I can convince them to take me! PLEASE! That would be soooooooooooo great. I was so excited this whole day that I couldn’t eat anything. It’s getting better now but I have to prepare for the interviews. Please, take me…
I’m working tomorrow and I’ll be having a little shopping tour with my cousin on Thursday and a birthday on Friday but I prescheduled a post for you guys! ^_^ Thanks for reading and talk to you all soon!
Lots of love,
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