DIY Oatmeal Cleanser Review + EOTD

Juni 20, 2012

I am still fighting with my skin like all the other months before which you probably know from this post I made a few weeks ago. If you don’t know what I’m speaking of read it please or this blog post could be a bit confusing for you! U_U“

So my skin is still in a very bad condition and my beloved fellow blogger girl Feelo recommended me to try out oatmeal as a cleanser.
When she first recommended to me I was like „Wut? Oatmeal? You mean that stuff I put into my bowl for breakfast?“ She exactly meant that. I never heard before that you could use it as a skin cleanser as well. Since I was extremely desperate already I tried it out and would like to share my experience with you!

Good Facts

The main reason I tried out oatmeal was the fact that it is 100% pure and natural. My skin is really complicated and you never know if it’ll break out all of a sudden although you didn’t change anything in your daily routine. Actually I didn’t really use any cleansers before because nearly every single one broke me out. I usually use make-up remover, wash it with clean water and use some moisturizer (sometimes once, sometimes twice a day, depending on my skin’s condition.) Using oatmeal I could be quite sure that if I’d broke out it couldn’t be possibly from the oatmeal since it’s just nature (well, in case you aren’t allergic to oatmeal, that could be tragic then 😛 ).
If you are wondering how to use it, like I did in the beginning, here you go: There’s not really anything to do that it deserves the title DIY since you can use it right away without any preparation.
How To Use
You grab a bit of oatmeal; I like to grab a whole clenched fist and then just divide it into half. I first used a whole clenched fist and found that it is way too much. Since it’s getting „bigger“ when getting into contact with water you don’t need as much as you would think you would. So now you take that clenched fist and hold it under running water. Open your fist a tiny bit so that the water can run through your fingers and wet the oatmeal. After ten seconds or so, open your fist, add some drops of extra water and begin scrubbing! Scrubbing ‚til death!! 😀  I like to wet my whole face before because otherwise it can feel a bit dry and… „crunchy“. I don’t know how to describe it. That’s basically it! You can scrub your skin and wash it off or you can leave it as a mask for another 3-5 minutes if you like.

I usually use about this much, maybe even less oatmeal to cleanse. // Picture from

It can get a bit messy therefore I like to do it while showering! I start with the oatmeal, leave it on my face while showering and wash it off after I finished everything else like washing my hair. Make sure all the oatmeal is washed off! Your face should feel a bit sticky right after you washed everything off.

Read on for conclusion + results + EOTD :3

aaand the result?

I honestly had high doubts about how the oatmeal could possibly clean my skin. I have to admit though that my skin feels really nice, clean and super-soft afterwards! I love the fact that it’s a natural ingredient and has no trace of any chemistry in it. It gives me a good feeling when washing my skin! 🙂 I also LOVE the scent since it reminds me of breakfast! (I eat cereals every once in a while, I prefer bread though <: ) I tried it for 6 weeks and will continue to use oatmeal to clean my face since I feel very comfortable with it.

You can also try to blend the oatmeal to get a powder and make a mask out of it. I also read that a lot of people add oatmeal to their normal cleanser or other products but I have no experience with that so just try out and tell me how it worked for you! 🙂

Nonetheless my skin is still in a very bad condition but that is not due to the cleanser. Since my breakouts are caused by my unstable hormone-whatsoever-condition there’s not much I can do about it. I have phases though when my skin gets very good and heals but at the moment it decreased badly the last two weeks. :/ I drink a lot of water and green tea and eat reasonable, even my skin doctor said she couldn’t do much about it. I should „just wait“ until my hormones stop to do breakdance inside of my body =___=““ Nonetheless my skin feels a lot better since I started to use oatmeal and so I personally don’t „suffer“ as much as I did before 🙂 I hope that review is helpful for anybody, if you have any questions feel free to ask as always 🙂 Here’s a look I did when I had one of my better days; it’s inspired by all new clothes I got which all turned out to be purple/turqoise/green colored.

You can also see my troubled skin and that was one of my better days @_@“ Hope that nightmare is over soon, I feel really uncomfortable with such troubled skin :/ How do you like the look? Green + purple is one of my favorite combinations of all time to be honest! My favorite sneakers are green/purple as well 🙂 There was a lot of blue involved too but my color washed it out as always. Need to practice to take make-up pictures, I am definitely not the best one so far.

Hope you enjoyed this post, have you ever tried oatmeal? If so, share your experience with me! If you have questions feel free to ask :3

See you next time! :p

– Sam.

P.S. I already prepared a DIY Decoden post like I promised a few weeks ago, I finally got the time to do something and I am so excited to share! Circle lens review will also be coming soon and I also wanted to add some posts about what I’ve been doing lately in Japan and I have to squeeze my own birthday somewhere in between……… feeling busy! ヽ(;▽;)ノ
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