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Mai 21, 2012
Oh – my – God! Thank you all for reaching more than 30 follower this week! ヽ(;▽;)ノ ’sparkling eyes‘
I am so happy for every single follower I get, thank you lovelies! I don’t follow everybody back but I do check all your blogs once in a while to get to know my readers. Thank you all for your support, I do enjoy blogging even more the more people read and stay interested in it. You all made my day! (^v^) ♥
Another thing; I have eleven weeks left until I head home and I am so homesick these days!! Anybody can cheer me up please? I love it here but I really really wanna go home already. I wasn’t homesick at all the first term but I did a lot more things and was busy enough with studying. Now that my language skills increased so much I don’t have so many stuff left to learn, so I get bored… and homesick. Anybody do something please (;___;)“ To cheer myself up I made pizza rolls yesterday :3 This is kind of special since there is no yeast in Japan. I’m pretty sure you can get it somewhere, but it’s not available in the normal standard supermarket. I found some yeast from the Germans who lived in our room before and gave us a box with their left-overs.. I WAS THE MOST HAPPY GIRL IN THE WORLD. No, honestly. That may sound stupid to you but I’m from Berlin. Without yeast, I cannot make bread, pizza, cakes, cookies… it’s horrible! I used to make pizza nearly every week back in Berlin, home-made pizza is da shit ♥
Beloved pizza rolls! Have them every year for my birthday party. They are super easy to make, I’d share the recipe if anybody’s interested in it..?
Pachi and I nearly cried when eating these, they were delicious. Especially since we hadn’t eat any kind of pizza or bread for about one year. (Except for the time our beloved Italian friends where here to visit :3) 
I took some pictures a few days ago.. I have to say I really miss taking pictures a lot! I used to do it mostly everyday at home but I just don’t have the best surroundings here. My room, which I share with my precious Pachi, is small and grey, looks a bit dirty and is super dark. So I have neither the right light nor a suitable background =_= I’m living right on the campus of Tokai University, so there are people always everywhere. I can’t take pictures of myself when others are looking, they might think I’m a superficial bitch XD (They may be right BUT.. they don’t need to see it that way! ;D ) I’m looking forward to August when I’m back in my picture-friendly surroundings at home, lol. I got a lot of questions these days what my natural eye color looks like since some of you wanted to give me advice on which lens I should buy in the future 🙂 I thought everybody knew, but for some reason I uploaded mostly pictures where I wore lenses these days.., so here you go! Only pure natural color this time! 😀

As you can see… they are blue. Super light blue. So it’s rather impossible to find lenses which don’t give me that creepy alien look since every lens is darker than my natural color :/ Only lens I found was the EOS Nudy Golden Blue which had a greenish tint but blended perfectly with my color (: I also tried some fake lashes here which I bought at the Daiso together with Monica some time ago. I don’t really like them since the band on which the lashes are applied is rather thick and it makes it hard to apply the lashes right. I also prefer the more outstanding ones where you can tell on first glance that once’s wearing fake lashes. (I take my time to apply them so I want people to notice my effort! :P) The eye make-up is a collaboration of the two BYS palettes I own (see here to know what I’m talking about). I’ll get new palettes in about two weeks to review them 🙂
Yesterday we had a BBQ on the river nearby but it was crappy. Over hundred people came so you can imagine how much we managed to eat T_T I got two chicken spits and two or three tiny slices of meat. Good I prepared a huge bento/lunchbox the evening before! We were kinda the only ones who brought food so everybody was envy seeing our fried rice / kimchi / yakitamago (fried egg) / veggie collaboration. We left at 5PM I guess and made the pizza rolls since we were still so hungry, lol.
Pachi and I are going to the movies on Wednesday! There’s special Lady Day every Wednesday where one has to pay 1000 Yen for a ticket instead of 1500 Yen. Pachi’s a big Tim Burton & Johnny Depp fan and they have the movie in English with Japanese subs so we’re going to watch Dark Shadows! The trailer looks funny so I’m excited to go 😀
That’s all for today, I hope everybody’s doing fine & you enjoyed reading this post! :3
See you next time,
– Sam.

P.S. In case you wondered about the blog title.. it’s one of my favorite songs from The Jezabels and I heard it when editing this post <:

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