COSRX Giveaway Winners!

März 25, 2015

Good evening everybody!

Thank you so much for over 400 entries on my latest giveaway! I’m glad it was received as enthusiastically as I envisioned it when I first got the idea for it. I have a lot of empty 10ml droppers left so I’m already thinking about what the next giveaway could be. Wishes, anyone?! 😀
Since I find it extremely boring and also not very personal to just click on „random winner“ and be done with it, I decided to do a little winner of me handpicking the lucky two people! NO I TOTALLY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH FREE TIME. In the time I needed to write down all the names, I totally could’ve written two pages of my thesis. Oh well. (Next time I’ll print it but I wanted to be enviromental friendly and used my old academic papers that I wanted to throw away anyways.) So without further delay, I present you the very oldschool winner picking video I made this afternoon 😀


Will write an email to you both asap. Please please please respond as I don’t have the time to record another video!! 😛 Sorry for everyone who didn’t win this time but I’ll think hard of something to present you another giveaway shortly. Thanks for watching and I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me 🙂

Good night everyone! (Now I REALLY have to write my thesis….)
Lots of love,


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